Create Quickbooks invoices from Nutshell leads
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Take the heavy lifting out of generating invoices when you win new business by creating them directly from Nutshell.

Quickbooks Online customers can easily add invoices without any data entry! Note: this integration works with the US version of Quickbooks.

Use the top right menu on a lead and choose "Send to Quickbooks".


If this is your first time, you'll be prompted to sign in to your Quickbooks account.


Next, click Create Invoice.


A draft invoice will appear in your Quickbooks account.


Click on the draft to make any customizations to the invoice, and when you're ready, send it!



What fields will Nutshell send to Quickbooks?

  • Customer name

  • Email address

  • Address

  • Product name

  • Product quantity

  • Price per unit

  • Total amount

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