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How to send text messages to your prospects with Nutshell
How to send text messages to your prospects with Nutshell
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Are you hoping to increase your connect rate with prospects and clients by reaching them conveniently with SMS messaging? Follow these steps to easily reach hundreds of clients a day by text, and Nutshell will automatically save a copy of those text conversations on your customer timelines.

There are many SMS integration options on the market, though no one makes it quite as easy to reach your clients by text as TextMagic. With this integration, you can achieve the following:

  • Send bulk, templated messages to hundreds of contacts a day

  • Choose an available professional phone number to keep your personal number private and route customer call-backs to the device of your choice

  • Receive replies from clients on your mobile device, in your email inbox, in your TextMagic account, as well as on your Nutshell timelines

  • Send SMS directly from inside of Nutshell

  • Trigger SMS messaging when you open or close a lead


You can visit TextMagic to create a free 30-day trial. Use the email address you use to login to Nutshell to create an account so we know where to save a copy of your text messages. Their support center is comprehensive and includes instructions on how to create bulk templates and more.

Next, you will need to update your prospect list in Nutshell with a spreadsheet. To do this quickly in bulk, you can follow the instructions below:


You're all set! All SMS now sent and received through your TextMagic account will also appear inside of Nutshell on customer timelines. From TextMagic, you can create bulk email templates to quickly send to up to several hundred contacts at a time. You can use their .csv file uploader to use the same file you used to upload into Nutshell to also create those contacts in TextMagic for automatic two-way sync.


Send an individual SMS from Nutshell

From any timeline in Nutshell, click the 'send an email' tab and choose the @textmagic email address from your recipient or "to" dropdown. We recommend you delete your email signature before sending your text. An email subject will be required, but is not included when sending your SMS.


Automate sending SMS messages using Zapier

You can now automate the sending of an SMS message to your client through Zapier. Possible 'trigger' actions in Nutshell to automatically send a text from TextMagic are any time a Lead is created and any time a Lead is won. Click here to learn more about automating TextMagic with Nutshell, or click here for more instructions on setting it up.

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