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Kixie: Integrate Nutshell with your Kixie phone service
Kixie: Integrate Nutshell with your Kixie phone service
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If you're using Kixie's True High Fidelity Phone Service, you can click-to-call from Nutshell and automatically log calls in Nutshell!

How does it work?

The Kixie integration is robust and works two ways:

  1. Click-to-call: When you click a phone number in Nutshell, it will call your phone number and connect the parties. It will also automatically record and log the call.

  2. Full automation: Calling your Nutshell contacts from your Kixie phone number will automatically record and log those calls in Nutshell. This works independently of the click-to-call feature and is perfect for the person on-the-go who needs to log the calls but doesn't have the ability to manually log those activities.


  • A Kixie phone service plan and phone

  • Motivation to close deals!


  • Click-to-call: Click any number in Nutshell (or across the web), and Kixie will automatically connect your call

  • Call recording: Kixie will record your conversations

  • Automatic call logging: Kixie will use Nutshell's "Log activity" feature to log calls when you receive a call or if you place a call


How to use

Click any phone number in Nutshell! Call recording works automatically. Just make a call, and the recording will automatically be added to the Person in Nutshell.

For more questions about how to use Kixie, please email or 424-800-3330.

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