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Add your customers from QuickBooks to Nutshell
Add your customers from QuickBooks to Nutshell
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Is your customer list stored in QuickBooks? Migrate them into Nutshell with just a few clicks!

Importing your customer list into Nutshell is super simple using our direct-from-QuickBooks importer. If your customer list is stored in QuickBooks Online, this importer is for you!

How do I connect QuickBooks to Nutshell?

  1. Next to QuickBooks, click Enable

  2. Sign into your QuickBooks account

  3. Click Connect


How do I import my customers into Nutshell?

  1. Choose QuickBooks

  2. Click Begin Import


Within just a few minutes, your QuickBooks customer list will appear in your Nutshell account! You will receive an email to confirm that the import is complete.

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