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Sources: identify where your Leads come from
Sources: identify where your Leads come from
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Use lead sources to report on where your leads are coming from and which sources aren't as valuable as expected. Sources help you see the results of your marketing and sales efforts.

Leads can be associated with one or more sources once you've defined a source in the Setup menu. Use them to represent how the lead was discovered, e.g. ‘Television campaign,’ ‘Cold call,’ or ‘Web beta signup.’

Why are they important?

The value in using Nutshell is letting it remember everything about your customers, including where you met your leads (or how they found you!). Add sources to your leads to remember where they came from.

Create a new source

  1. Click "Add source..."

  2. Add a name and click "New source" to save


Adding sources to leads

Sources can be added to any new or existing lead.

When creating a new lead

You can add a source when you're entering a new lead in Nutshell via the +Create button.


The lead page

On an existing lead, you can add a source at any time.


Report on sources

Filter any report in Nutshell by sources to see how each source is performing and which ones bring you the most and least sales.

On Nutshell reports, you can use the Segment button to compare your sales, losses, new leads, forecast, and custom reports by source.


You can also use the filter drawer to view any of these reports on a single source or group of sources.


The leads page also includes filtering and sorting to view leads by source. It can be useful to include the lead source as a column to see at a glance where each lead came from. For example, if I just want to see a list of my own leads that came in via a form on my website, I can apply that filter to review those leads.



Can I automatically add Sources to Leads?

If you are funneling your leads into Nutshell via an online form, sources will automatically be added to leads.

Can you help me learn how to filter in Nutshell?

Can I include sources when I import leads from a spreadsheet?

You betcha. Read more about importing new data into Nutshell from Excel.

First, add your lead source as a column in your CSV file:


Then, match it to the "Source" field while you're importing:

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