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Here are Nutshell's most frequently asked questions.

How do leads work in Nutshell?

Leads in Nutshell are used to track the lifetime of a deal from beginning to end. By visiting a lead page, you will be able to review the timeline of all communication and activity that's been logged with people and companies you have associated with this lead, the products you are selling to the lead, the value of the lead, and all the stages that bring the lead closer to closing.

For a video about how to create and use leads in Nutshell, please follow this link.
For a series of comprehensive videos about how to use the different lead views in Nutshell, please follow this link to a video illustrating how to get the most benefit from customizing the way you do business.

How can I update my billing in Nutshell?

An admin can make changes to your Nutshell billing by visiting the billing page. Here, an admin can make updates to your plan details, your method of payment, and review past invoices. Follow this link to watch a video with complete instructions on how to make changes to your Nutshell billing.

If you are removing users from your account, don't forget to adjust your plan on the billing page so you're not paying for seats you don't need!

How do I set up my email in Nutshell?

Just getting started in Nutshell and would like to take advantage of integrating your email with Nutshell? You've come to the right place!

In Nutshell, you can email your contacts without having to go to your email client. These emails appear to your contacts as though they were sent from inside your email client. When you receive emails in your email client from a Nutshell contact, those emails will also push into your Nutshell account to the right people, company, or lead pages. Nutshell offers a robust email sync with both Gmail and Office 365.

Don't have an Office 365 or Gmail account? No worries. You can also email in Nutshell with all other types of email clients using SMTP configuration. This configuration allows you to send emails right from inside Nutshell. For step-by-step instructions on how to configure your SMTP settings, you can follow this link.

What's the difference between an activity and a task?

In Nutshell, you can keep track of your work in two different ways: with activities and with tasks. The way we use activities and tasks varies based on our needs.

With activities, you can schedule appointments with your companies and people. Activities represent calendar events and you can sync them to your own calendar using our Office 365 integration or Google calendar integration. When you create an activity in Nutshell, you may optionally add your companies, people, and leads as participants on the activity. Adding a participant will not automatically send an invitation.

Log your completed activities to maintain a history of those relationships and to report on you and your team's efforts. There are a few different ways to schedule and log activities in Nutshell. You can learn more about activities by following this link.

A task is a lightweight way to remind yourself of things you need to do. At Nutshell, we compare a task to a digital sticky note to remind us to complete tasks by a certain date. You can use them for things like "Email a proposal follow-up," or "Prepare for tomorrow's demo." Tasks may or may not be associated with your companies, people and leads in Nutshell. You can learn more about how to use tasks by following this link.

Why am I having trouble sending email in bulk?

Are you trying to send bulk email in Nutshell and finding these emails are failing? Nutshell allows users to send up to 500 emails at a time, however, email sending is also subject to the limits of your email provider, as defined by them. If your bulk emails are failing, check the daily sending limits of your email provider. As a Nutshell customer, you also agree not to send spam as part of our End User License Agreement, as defined by Spamhaus.

If you'd like to send more than 500 emails at a time, you may consider taking advantage of Nutshell's integrations with MailChimp and other email marketing tools for easy publishing and sending of email newsletters and marketing or sales drip campaigns. Learn more about Nutshell's robust integration with MailChimp by following this link, and for other email marketing tools follow this link.
Interested in sending more than 500 emails at a time, but would like to have your marketing and sales platforms under one roof? Then check out Nutshell Campaigns! Craft your broadcasts and newsletters, track the engagement of your marketing efforts, and curate your audiences all within Nutshell. To learn about our Marketing platform, follow this link.

Anything else?

Is there a question you still have not been able to find an answer to? Nutshell Support is here to help! Click the Help button in the lower right corner to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will be happy to point you in the right direction and provide you with the resources you need to successfully use Nutshell.

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