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BCC your emails into Nutshell
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Looking for a way to track customer correspondence in Nutshell? Nutshell lets you forward and BCC emails to a simple address, which will attach the message to all the right places automatically.

Gmail and Office 365 users can automatically sync emails with Nutshell instead of BCCing emails.

When emailing a Person or Company, just BCC the outgoing message to We'll connect the message directly to the contact, and to any open leads with them.


BCC an email to a specific Lead page

If you want to BCC an email to a specific lead page, just include the lead number (i.e. "lead 1234") in the subject line of the email, and BCC to This will attach the email to that lead's timeline.

If you are emailing a customer who is listed as a Person in your Nutshell account, then your emails will automatically attach to the Person timeline and to all open Leads associated with that person, regardless of whether you add a lead number to the subject line.


How to use

To track an incoming message you receive from a contact, forward it to Nutshell will interpret it as a forwarded message and decode it correctly.


People will automatically be created for email addresses that aren't currently in Nutshell. You can view which People were created this way by using the search filters within the People (filter for 'Origin' is BCC Email).

Note: if you use an email client that strips out the header of your email, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you will have to forward the message as an attachment when you forward it to


Sending from additional email addresses

Note that for the BCC feature to work, Nutshell must know about all of the email addresses that you send from. By default, this includes the email address you use to log in to Nutshell. If you send from other addresses, you can add those addresses as aliases to your Account Settings. To do this, click your user icon in the bottom left corner of Nutshell, and add them on Your Settings page.

If you send from many email addresses at a domain, contact us and we can attach your entire domain to your account.



I tried to BCC an email to Nutshell, but I got a bounce-back email stating "Your email address is not in our database."

This means that you BCC'd Nutshell from an email address that isn't listed in your Account Settings. To add an alternate email address, login to Nutshell and go to Account Settings. If you do have all of your email addresses listed, it is possible that you have a different "send-from" address set up in your email client. You would need to either turn that function off, or add the "send-from" address to your Account Settings.

In addition, if you send emails from multiple usernames on one domain, we can attach the entire domain to your Nutshell account for a smoother BCC experience.

Why aren't my BCC'd emails appearing in Nutshell?

There are several ways to troubleshoot this. Check the Activity Report for any emails that include you or other users as the original sender. If the emails appear there, but not the Person's timeline, it most likely means that you were corresponding with a person via an email address that you don't have listed in Nutshell.

You must also ensure that you're using an email address that you have listed in your Nutshell profile. Make sure you're using the BCC feature as described above (receive an email, forward it to:; send out an email, include it in BCC:

Can I move emails from one timeline to another?

There isn't a way to do that, but we'll keep this idea on our radar!

I emailed a person. The email is on the person's timeline, but not on the lead timeline. Why not?

Make sure that the person is actually attached to the lead, not just the person's company. For example, let's say you have a lead open that contains the company "The North Pole", but the lead does not contain any people. You've been emailing with the person Santa Claus, so your emails will only appear on Santa's timeline. Make sure that both The North Pole and Santa Claus are added to the lead so that emails to Santa will also sync to the lead's timeline.

I forgot to to BCC some important emails into Nutshell! What do I do now?

Don't worry! You can still sync your email correspondence into Nutshell by forwarding your message to

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