How to connect Calendly with Nutshell
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Are your customers able to book time with you on your work calendar? Would you like to see those upcoming appointments inside of Nutshell? In a few easy steps, you can automatically see customer appointments inside of Nutshell.

Please note: this integration requires an Office 365 or Google account in addition to a Calendly account.

Connect Calendly to your Office 365 or Google calendar

Log in to your Calendly account and click here, or choose the "Calendar Connections" option from your account dropdown menu.


Choose from the available calendar integration options and proceed to the next step.


Set up your Calendly event options

Visit your event types, find the menu for the event type you want to sync to Nutshell, and click "Edit".


Scroll down to Additional Options and click on "Notifications and Cancellation Policy".


Ensure that your event type is set up to send Calendar Invitations. If it is sending Email Confirmations, you will need to click the link labelled "Switch to calendar invitations":


Click Save & Close.

Connect your calendar to Nutshell

You will then need to authorize Nutshell to connect with your Google or Office 365 calendar. Log in to Nutshell and click here to begin, or start by clicking your initials icon in the lower-left corner, choosing "Your Settings" and then "Calendar".


For complete instructions on how to connect Nutshell to Google Calendar, click here.

For complete instructions on how to connect Nutshell to Office 365 Calendar, click here.

Make sure you choose the calendar option to add events to Nutshell from your external calendar:


Begin managing your appointments inside of Nutshell

Moving forward, you will now be able to see all newly created appointments from Calendly appear both in your Google or Office 365 calendar, as well as inside of Nutshell.

You can see upcoming calendar events on your dashboard.


For complete instructions on how to view and manage your activities in Nutshell, you can click here.

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