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How to set up Nutshell for real estate
How to set up Nutshell for real estate
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Nutshell helps brokers and agents across the globe to stay on top of their client relations so no sales opportunity falls between the cracks.

Nutshell also helps to keep their process streamlined to close more sales over a shorter period of time. With a few organizational adjustments in Nutshell, you, too, can take advantage of Nutshell's powerful organization and automation to increase your revenue, and create more time for yourself each day.

The big question is, what will you do now that you all of this have free time and peace of mind?

Organization of your Nutshell account

  • Import active listings as Leads

  • Import Brokerages, title companies, lenders, lawyers, etc as Companies

Suggested workflow

The Buyers Pipeline

For a buyer's pipeline, common stages are:

  • Nurture lead

  • Buyer agency contract

  • Showing

  • Presenting Offer

  • Home inspection

  • Appraisal

  • Reviewing title work

  • Final walkthrough

  • Closing


For the buyer's pipeline follow-through tasks, we recommend automating a reminder to send a closing gift and subscribing your lost and canceled leads to receive future marketing emails.


The Seller's Pipeline

For a seller's pipeline, common stages are:

  • Nurture lead

  • Comparative Market Analysis

  • List

  • Advise client on how to prepare for showing

  • Present marketing plan

  • Showing

  • Present offer

  • Review closing documents

  • Closing


Tracking Commission

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