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We take customer support seriously here at Nutshell. Check out our knowledge base for answers to common questions, write and chat with our friendly team, or, visit our idea forum to share your thoughts and ideas on what could make Nutshell better.

Knowledge base

  1. Getting Started Videos 

    1. 1. The basics (Video)
    2. 2. Inviting your team (Video)
    3. 3. Adding tasks & activities (Video)
    4. 4. Importing your contacts (Video)
    5. 5. Automate your workflow (Video)
  2. 3rd-Party Integrations 

    1. Wufoo: Collect leads from form submissions
    2. MailChimp: Send marketing campaigns to your contacts
    3. Trello: Create cards from Nutshell Leads
    4. Twitter: See stats on your People and Companies
    5. Zendesk: Customer service platform/ticketing system
  3. Activities 

    1. Custom activity types
    2. Scheduling and logging Activities
  4. Billing 

    1. Update your billing information
    2. Cancel your account
    3. Adding or disabling users
  5. Calendar 

    1. Subscribable calendar feeds
  6. Click-to-call 

    1. Click-to-call (Beta)
  7. Collaboration 

    1. Mention Nutshell users
    2. Add users to teams
    3. Commenting on timeline entries
    4. Notifications: In-app, email, and mobile push notifications
  8. Companies & People 

    1. Delete Companies and People
    2. Company Type
    3. Upload/attach files to Companies, People, and Leads
    4. Detect and merge duplicate Companies and People
    5. Update and bulk edit Companies and People
  9. Custom Fields 

    1. Custom fields for Companies, People, and Leads
  10. Email 

    1. Configure SMTP settings
    2. BCC your emails into Nutshell
    3. Send email from Nutshell
    4. Add a signature to your emails
    5. Choose your default email client
  11. Exchange/Outlook 

    1. Microsoft Exchange integration features
    2. Sync Microsoft Exchange/Outlook calendar: Activities only
  12. General 

    1. Update your time zone and weather units
    2. Admin settings
    3. AdBlock
    4. Upload a company logo, user avatars, and photos for Companies and People
    5. Add territories to Companies and People
  13. Gmail/Google Apps 

    1. Google Gmail gadget: Hide the gadget for certain users
    2. Google Gmail gadget: How to reset the gadget
    3. Google Apps authentication failed
    4. Google Apps "Requested Client Not Authorized" error
    5. (New) Sync Google Calendar: 2-way Calendar Sync
  14. Import/Export 

    1. Import Companies, People, and Leads from a spreadsheet
    2. Export your data
    3. Import data from Salesforce
    4. Import contacts from Outlook
    5. Importing from Highrise
  15. Leads 

    1. Creating new Leads, People, and Companies
    2. Assign users to Leads
    3. Round robin Lead distribution
    4. Automatically distribute leads
    5. Closing a lead (Won, Lost, Cancelled)
  16. Maps 

    1. Maps in Nutshell
  17. Products 

    1. Using Markets to define pricing
    2. Changing product value per lead
  18. Reports 

    1. Reports overview
    2. Sales Analytics
    3. Sales Forecast
    4. Sales Comparison Report
    5. Activity Report
  19. Sales Processes 

    1. Sales Process: Build a process to automate sales workflow
    2. Milestones: Indicate progress through the sales process
    3. Sales Quotas: Assign quotas to teams
    4. Lead distribution: Use logic to assign a sales process
  20. Searching/Filtering/Organization 

    1. Filtering your Companies, People, and Leads lists
    2. Tags: Use tags to organize Companies, People, & Leads
  21. All articles 

    1. Import Companies, People, and Leads from a spreadsheet
    2. Delete Companies and People
    3. Sales Process: Build a process to automate sales workflow
    4. Using Markets to define pricing
    5. Google Gmail gadget: Hide the gadget for certain users
    94 articles 

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