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We take customer support seriously. Check out our knowledge base below for answers to common questions and step-by-step instructions to setup and use our features. Contact our friendly and dedicated team if you still need help! We'd love to chat with you about any questions, suggestions, or feedback you have about Nutshell. 

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Knowledge base

  1. Getting Started Videos 

    1. 1. The basics (Video)
    2. 2. Use tasks & activities to never drop the ball (Video)
    3. 3. Team collaboration (Video)
    4. 4. Importing your contacts (Video)
    5. 5. Automate your workflow (Video)
  2. 3rd-Party Integrations 

    1. API keys: Create API keys to integrate 3rd-party apps
    2. Formstack: Create Nutshell leads from form submissions
    3. Gravity Forms: Create Nutshell leads from form submissions
    4. JotForm: Create Nutshell Leads from form submissions
    5. LiveChat: Live chat integration
  3. Activities 

    1. Activity types: Create custom Activity types
    2. Activities: Schedule and log Activities
  4. Billing 

    1. Update your billing information
    2. Cancel your account
    3. Add or disable users
  5. Calendar 

    1. Subscribable calendar feeds
  6. Click-to-call 

    1. Click-to-call: Call contacts with Skype, RingCentral, Kixie, or from your browser
  7. Collaboration 

    1. Mention Nutshell users
    2. Add users to teams
    3. Comment on timeline entries
    4. Notifications: In-app, email, and mobile push notifications
  8. Companies & People 

    1. Create new Companies, People, and Leads
    2. Delete Companies and People
    3. Company Types: Create custom designations for your Companies
    4. Upload/attach files to Companies, People, and Leads
    5. Merge duplicates: Detect and merge duplicate Companies and People
  9. Custom Fields 

    1. Custom fields for Companies, People, and Leads
  10. Email 

    1. Configure SMTP settings
    2. BCC your emails into Nutshell
    3. Send email from Nutshell
    4. Add a signature to your emails
    5. Email Templates: Send templated emails to your contacts
  11. Exchange/Outlook 

    1. Microsoft Exchange integration features
    2. Sync Microsoft Exchange/Outlook calendar: Activities & tasks
  12. General 

    1. Dashboard: Create a custom dashboard, complete your To Do list, and see your company feed
    2. General settings
    3. Keep in touch: Follow up with your contacts frequently
    4. Update your time zone and weather units
    5. User types: Grant permissions, Administrators vs. non-administrators, FAQ
  13. Gmail/Google Apps 

    1. Google Email Sync: 2-way email sync
    2. Google Calendar Sync: 2-way Calendar Sync
    3. Google Gmail gadget: Hide the gadget for certain users
    4. Google Gmail gadget: How to reset the gadget
    5. Google Apps troubleshooting: Common problems and solutions
  14. Import/Export 

    1. Import Companies, People, and Leads from a spreadsheet
    2. Export your data
    3. Import from Salesforce
    4. Import from Outlook
    5. Import from Highrise
  15. Leads 

    1. Assign users to Leads
    2. Lead Sources: Track where your Leads come from
    3. Round-robin lead distribution: automatically assign leads evenly across a team
    4. Automatically distribute leads
    5. Close Leads (Won, Lost, Cancelled)
  16. Maps 

    1. Maps in Nutshell: view people, companies, and leads on a map
  17. Mobile (iOS & Android) 

    1. iOS: General overview
    2. iOS: Create Companies, People, or Leads
    3. iOS: Import iPhone contacts
    4. iOS: Business card scanner
  18. Products 

    1. Products: Create Products & add Products to Leads
    2. Markets: Using Markets to define pricing
    3. Change product value per lead
  19. Reports 

    1. Reports overview: built-in report types
    2. Show sales in reports
    3. Sales Analytics report
    4. Sales Forecast report
    5. Sales Comparison report
  20. Sales Processes 

    1. Sales process (Nutshell Pro) & sales stages (Nutshell Starter)
    2. Stages: Move leads through your sales process
    3. Sales Quotas: Assign quotas to teams
    4. Triggers: Automatically assign a sales process or overlay process
  21. Searching/Filtering/Organization 

    1. Filter your Companies, People, and Leads lists
    2. Tags: Use tags to organize Companies, People, & Leads
    3. Save your custom lists of companies, people, and leads
  22. All articles 

    1. Import Companies, People, and Leads from a spreadsheet
    2. Sales process (Nutshell Pro) & sales stages (Nutshell Starter)
    3. Create new Companies, People, and Leads
    4. Custom fields for Companies, People, and Leads
    5. Reports overview: built-in report types
    111 articles 

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