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Make note-taking easy with Nutshell’s Notetaker
Make note-taking easy with Nutshell’s Notetaker
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Are you struggling with note-taking? Our conversational AI feature, Notetaker, available for users on the Power AI add-on, allows you to transcribe spoken words into text effortlessly. It's pretty straightforward: you talk, it types. No more tapping away at the keyboard. Just say what's on your mind, and Nutshell takes care of the rest. Great for meetings, brainstorming, or just making a quick list.

Where to find Notetaker in Nutshell

You can find the Notetaker transcribe button in three convenient spots:

1. The ‘Log an activity’ and ‘Write a note’ tabs right on top of the timeline:

2. The notes section in the Activity dialog:

3. In the email composer:

Get started

When using Notetaker for the first time, you'll need to grant permission for Nutshell to access your microphone. Simply click on the prompt to allow access, and you'll be ready to start transcribing your notes.

Start transcribing

Click the transcribe button, simply start speaking and Nutshell will turn your spoken words into written text. To make sure the transcription is on, simply look out for the button change:

Stop transcribing

Once you're done speaking, click the button again to stop transcribing. You can then edit your notes if needed and remember to click the Log activity or Save note buttons to save your transcription.

There you have it—note-taking made simple!


Is Notetaker available for all languages?
Currently, Notetaker only supports English.

Is there a limit to the length of my transcriptions?

No, there's no specific limit to the length of your transcriptions.

I don't have the Power AI add-on, how can I use Notetaker?

Users not subscribed to the Power AI add-on plan can use five transcriptions per month. To enjoy unlimited access to transcriptions, upgrade to our Power AI add-on plan.

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