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How do I remove a team member from my account?
How do I remove a team member from my account?
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Removed users cannot log in to Nutshell, and you can adjust your billing plan so that you won't be charged for users you remove.

  1. Select the person's name under Company Settings > Users & Teams

  2. Click Remove

  3. Adjusting the number of users in your account won't change your subscription, so make sure to visit your Billing page to confirm your plan accurately reflects the total number of seats you'll need in Nutshell.

If your free trial has expired and you need to remove users before you sign up, you still have access to the Users & Teams page:

You will be given the option to reassign the user's data to another user in Nutshell (learn more here).



Why am I seeing the error message "Cannot remove a user that is assigned during lead distribution"?


If you get an error message, "Cannot remove a user that is assigned during lead distribution," it means that the user is included in auto-assignment rules under Company Settings > Pipelines. Before the user can be removed, you must remove them from the Lead Distribution section.


Don't forget to click "Apply." πŸ˜‰

Will removing a user delete their work in Nutshell?

No. When a user is removed from Nutshell, all historical data they have logged will persist in Nutshell to protect the continuity of your business.

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