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Adding, removing, and updating user information
Adding, removing, and updating user information
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If you're an administrator in your organization's Nutshell account, this page will guide you through adding users, disabling users, and updating user information.

Before adding or removing users, make sure to check your Billing page to confirm your plan accurately reflects the total number of seats you'll need in Nutshell.

Once you've made any necessary updates, head to your Users & teams settings to start adding or removing users.

Adding users

Click 'New user' and you'll be prompted to provide your new teammate's name and email address, and to designate their role in Nutshell (learn more about customizing user access and defining roles here). From there, simply click 'Create & send invite' to create that new profile and send your teammate an invite email.

Disabling a user and reassigning their data

To disable an existing user, select their name from the list and click 'Remove'. You'll see the option to reassign that user's data to another teammate—you're not required to do this when disabling. If you choose not to, keep in mind that the removed user will still appear in your 'Assignee' filter when viewing a list, so you can easily reassign their companies, people, and leads in bulk at a later time.

It's important to remember that disabling a user does not automatically update your subscription, so make sure to visit your Billing page to confirm you aren't paying for unoccupied seats in Nutshell.

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