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CompetitorIQ: Stay one step ahead of the game with competitor website insights
CompetitorIQ: Stay one step ahead of the game with competitor website insights
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CompetitorIQ is a powerful tool that allows you to compare your website's performance with up to five competitor websites. With this feature, you can gain valuable insights into your online presence and identify areas for improvement.

Get started

Access CompetitorIQ from "Marketing" in the primary navigation menu.

To get started with CompetitorIQ, you'll need to follow these initial configuration steps on the Settings page:

Add and verify your website: The first step is to add and verify your own website with CompetitorIQ. This process allows us to track and compare your website's performance against your competitors. Verification is a straightforward process and ensures accurate data tracking.

Add competitor websites: You can add up to five competitor websites by specifying their websites. This is crucial for CompetitorIQ to gather data and provide you with insightful comparisons. Once you add a competitor website, it's saved automatically. 

After configuration

After completing the initial configuration, you can start using CompetitorIQ to gain insights into your website's performance relative to your competitors. Here's what you’ll see:

Traffic breakdown by market share: CompetitorIQ provides you with a breakdown of your website's traffic and market share in comparison to your competitors. Understanding the market share of website traffic in comparison to yours allows you to gauge your website's performance in the broader context of your industry, enabling you to identify opportunities for growth and make data-driven decisions to stay competitive.

Traffic strategy breakdown: Another essential insight from CompetitorIQ is the traffic strategy breakdown. This allows you to see how your website's traffic compares to your competitors in terms of various strategies and sources. Analyzing website traffic broken down by channels, such as organic, paid, and social, in comparison to yours, empowers you to pinpoint the most effective strategies and areas where your competitors excel, enabling you to refine your marketing efforts for better results and a stronger online presence.

Total traffic over time: If you're interested in tracking the historical performance of your website and your competitors, CompetitorIQ offers a "Competitor traffic trends" chart. This chart provides a visual representation of how the traffic has evolved for each competitor.

Comparing website traffic trends over time allows you to assess the effectiveness of your strategies, identify seasonal patterns, and make informed adjustments to your digital marketing efforts to stay competitive and drive consistent traffic.


Why doesn't Nutshell have enough data to display CompetitorIQ traffic statistics for a website?

CompetitorIQ is powered by SimilarWeb and other data providers, which uses numerous feeds to identify traffic on over 100 million websites. It does not have information about every page on the internet. If a site is newer or traffic is below about 500 visits per month, data may be unavailable.

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