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RingCentral: Search Nutshell by incoming caller ID
RingCentral: Search Nutshell by incoming caller ID
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Nutshell ❤️RingCentral: our two-part integration

Set up this RingCentral integration to automatically search Nutshell by phone number when you receive inbound calls.

Note: To use this integration, you must download the RC Phone application (free for RingCentral customers).

If someone calls you from a phone number on file with one of your Nutshell People, Nutshell will pull up that person in a search. If the phone number isn't recognized, Nutshell will show no results in the search and you will know that the number should be added to the correct Person (or maybe you've just found yourself a new lead!).

This URL works best with E164 formatted phone numbers. The pattern you should use is:

Setup for RingCentral

  1. In the RingCentral RC Phone desktop app, click the gear icon on the bottom right

  2. Click Incoming

  3. Toggle on "Launch an external app or a URL on incoming call"

  4. Copy and paste the format below into the "Execute command:" field.

Your screen will look like this:

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