"Send to" actions: link Nutshell leads
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Need to share leads with your other software applications? A custom lead action can be configured to open leads in other systems.


  1. A developer can work with our API documentation

  2. A way to accept the lead information in your third party tool


How to set up a custom lead action

  1. Next to "Send to", click Configure

  2. Click "Add destination..." and enter the name, URL, and description of your destination. Optionally, you may hide the destination.


How your team can use the lead action

On any lead, your team members will be able to send leads to other software. On the lead, they will click "Actions..." and select the destination.


How to use the Nutshell open API to access lead data

Your destination URL must include a way to receive the Lead ID from Nutshell. Using the lead ID, you can access any other information you need about the lead as well as push information back into Nutshell via the API.

Additional fields

In addition to including `{id}` in the URL, you can push along several other useful pieces of information. This might be useful if you're using this feature to send a user to another system (i.e. pricing, quoting).

You can use these fields in Send to destinations:

  • {primaryCompanyId} The ID of the primary company attached to this person or lead

  • {primaryCompanyName} The name of the primary company attached to this person or lead

  • {loggedInUserName} The email address of the user who clicks the Send to button

  • {assigneeEmail} The email address of the Nutshell user who is assigned to this person/company or lead

  • {leadName} The name of the current lead

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