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Track website visitors with Nutshell Analytics
Track website visitors with Nutshell Analytics
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Nutshell Analytics is a snippet of code that you embed on every page of your website. It tracks where your visitors come from, what pages they visit, and connects that information to your leads.

When you use Nutshell to track your leads, you can use timelines to track the activities, notes, and emails you exchange to close the sale. Nutshell Analytics brings you additional information about what your leads were doing before they became a lead.

Unlike third-party Google Analytics data, the information gathered with Nutshell is stored in your CRM and belongs to you.

Nutshell Analytics is available to all customers. Web page visit information is available to Nutshell Pro customers.

How it looks


When viewing a contact, you will see their visits to your website. Note that they must fill out a form to be identified.


On the Analytics page in Nutshell, you can get a birds-eye view of the traffic coming to your website. To navigate to the Analytics page, select Marketing in the left sidebar, then click on Analytics under Website.

How it works

To use Nutshell Analytics, you’ll need to embed a snippet of code on each page of your website. If you’re using Google Tag Manager or Wordpress, this can be done in a minute or two. Our team is happy to help you figure out where to begin.

To get started, visit the Marketing > Analytics section of your account, and click 'Set up tracking':

The remaining steps may vary based on how your website was built, so contact our support team directly if additional guidance is needed.

If you’re using Nutshell Forms to collect leads you will see web visits information.

If you’re using another form product, Nutshell Analytics will automatically create people in Nutshell when they fill out a form on your website.

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