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Add competitors to report on how they affect your leads
Add competitors to report on how they affect your leads
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Learn how to add your competitors to Nutshell and report on them, to stay ahead of the game.

In Nutshell, you can track competitors with your leads to gain insights into how your competitors influence your business.


Create competitors

Define competitors in Setup (admins only)

  1. Click +Add competitor...

  2. Enter your competitor's name and click New competitor

On a lead (everyone)

You can create and track competitors on the fly directly from a lead page.


Add competitors to Leads

To add a competitor to a lead, click the +Add a competitor button on the right side of the page. You can jot down quick notes below each competitor that you add.


Report on competitors

See how your sales are holding up vs. your competition in Nutshell reports. Any report can be filtered by competitor. Reports that can be segmented by competitor are the Losses Report, Forecast Report, and the Custom Report.


Segment these reports to compare each competitor's effect on your sales. In the above animation, you can see that I lost valuable deals in May to my competitor Southwest Solar.
You can segment your Forecast report by competitor to see your sales, pipeline, and projected sales for Leads that have shown interest in each of your competitors. Use the Forecast report in conjunction with the Losses report to identify how competitors will impact your pipeline.

Use the Custom report to filter or segment your leads by competitor, or use Filters on the Leads page.

In the screenshot below, I've filtered leads by close date and my 4 top competitors, and segmented the report by competitor to clearly see the value of my deals per competitor. This tells me that my most valuable deals in May were also considering Southwest Solar and I can adjust my strategy accordingly.

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