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Company Types: Create custom designations for your Companies
Company Types: Create custom designations for your Companies
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Organize your companies by their relationship to your business.

Company types are a great way to differentiate the kinds of organizations you do business with. Use company types to label your companies based on their relationship to your business - are they a Customer? Supplier? Vendor? Create company types for easily accessible filters on your company list.

Customize your company types

Nutshell comes with several company types already specified under Company settings > Company types. You can keep them or delete them, and you can add your own custom company types.

You can make a default company type by updating the one labeled (default). Click the blue "+Add company type..." link to create more company types. Click on any existing company type to edit it.


To remove a Company type, hover over the Company type and click the red X that appears to the left of the name.


Apply company types to existing companies

You can label your companies with their types individually on a company page, in bulk from the Companies list, during a CSV import, or automatically update it when the status of a related lead is closed.


To update company types in bulk, select the companies you want to update from your Companies list, click Edit in the lower right, choose the company type you want to apply, then click Apply changes.


Filter company types

You can easily create customized lists of companies, people, or leads based on company type in Nutshell.

The company type filter is pinned to the top of your companies list:


To add a company type filter to any list, for example, to see a list of leads that are open with your existing customers to track your resell opportunities:

  1. Go to the list you want to filter

  2. Click the blue funnel icon to open your filter drawer

  3. Search for or click "Company type" and choose the company type(s) you want to filter


Report on company types

You can use filters to run lead reports based on your company types. Simply specify which company types you want to include in the report on the left-hand filter drawer.


Automatically change company type when related leads are closed

Using sales automation, you can configure Nutshell to automatically change the company types of all companies related to leads, when leads are won, lost, or cancelled. For example, when a lead is won, you might ask Nutshell to automatically set Potential customer to Customer, so you can easily segment your list of businesses.



Why not use the Industries?

A company's industry is the field or vertical that they do business in. It could be "Medical", "Web development", "Accounting". Company types describe the company's relation to you, i.e. whether they are a Prospect, a Former customer, a Supplier, etc.

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