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Activity types: Create custom activity types
Activity types: Create custom activity types
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Set up the types of events you'll need to schedule and keep track of with your customers and leads.

You can choose between Nutshell's default activity types when scheduling and logging activities. If your business needs to track and report on different types of activities, Nutshell administrators can add custom activity types in the Setup menu. Your activity types will show up in companies, people, and leads timelines and your Activity report when your team logs them.

Default activity types

  • Phone Call

  • Meeting

  • Virtual Meeting

  • Email (Note: Email is not listed under activity types. Emails will be recorded in Nutshell automatically.)

Create custom activity types

Custom activity types can be whatever you want them to be, from Product Demos, Cold Calls, and Hot Calls, to Gifts, and Handwritten Cards. Build your activity types around your business!

  1. Click the +Add activity type… button and enter its name

  2. Click New activity type to save the new activity to the list


The new activity types will now be a selectable option when scheduling or logging activities.

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