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Markets: set up currency to do business internationally
Markets: set up currency to do business internationally
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Use multiple currencies, or price items differently based on location? Use Nutshell Markets to make your account international.

Use markets when you're dealing with multiple currencies, or even just different pricing for different territories. For every product you sell, you can establish different default prices for each market.

Define markets

You can set up your company's default market (currency) on the General settings section of your company settings. Your default market will be used automatically for all new leads that are created in your Nutshell account.


To add new markets other than US Dollars, click Manage markets or click on Markets under the Organization heading in your settings menu.

To set up a new market, click "Add market", give it a name, and select the currency:


If your prices vary in different regions, you can set up multiple markets using the same currency. Note that this is not recommended if your products and services are the same price for all of your customers - instead of markets, use territories to automatically designate geographic regions for your companies, people and leads.

Define products

On your Products setting page, you can designate unique pricing for your products based on which market they are being sold in.


Give each product a name, an optional SKU and set the default pricing for each market. If you quote a different price to each of your customers, you can alter the prices on an individual basis within leads.

If some products are not sold in different markets, you can mark them as "Unavailable in market". This will prevent you and your team from adding a product to a lead in that market. For example, if you sell some products that are only available in the United States, you can ensure they are not accidentally quoted/sold to leads outside of the US.

Set lead market

When creating a new lead, you can choose the market. When you attach products to this lead, they'll receive the correct pricing and currency type (and as usual, you can override any product's price per-lead.)


If a lead is not in the correct market, you can update it by clicking on the market above the products on the lead.


Reporting on markets

All of Nutshell's reports allow you to limit reports to a specific market, but will display in your Nutshell account's default currency. Leads in a market other than your company's default currency are converted when reporting on multiple currencies.


Set a default market for individual Nutshell users

Do you have reps working in different markets? Each individual user can set their default market on their Nutshell profile page, so every lead they create will automatically default to that market.


Please note that the company's default market will still be used in dashboard cards, reporting, and the list view.

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