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Report on conversion rates as leads move through your sales funnel
Report on conversion rates as leads move through your sales funnel
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Available on Nutshell Pro and above

Want to track your leads through each stage in your pipeline, and analyze where you are winning and losing sales?

The funnel report provides data on lead progression through Nutshell stages (your sales pipelines). Use this report to gain a better understanding of the movement of your leads through your pipeline.

What does the Funnel report show me?

  • The value or quantity of leads in a given pipeline

  • How leads move through your sales funnel

  • Where leads are getting stuck/lost

  • A lead's likelihood of being won at each stage

  • If lead sources or competitors influence the advancement of your leads

  • How effectively each team member advances leads

  • If users are meeting goals of lead advancement


  • Date range

  • Assignee

  • Tags (lead Tags)

  • Sources

  • Competitors

  • Products


  1. # / $ of leads that flowed through the stage during the time period

  2. # / $ / % of leads that advanced past this stage

  3. # / $ / % of leads won / lost / cancelled from within this stage

  4. # / $ of leads present in this stage at the beginning of the time period

  5. # / $ of leads remaining in this stage at the end of the period



What does "Already" mean?

"Already" indicates the # / $ of leads that were present in that stage at the beginning of the time period. For example, in the last 7 days, you may have added 10 new leads to a stage, which already had 15 leads in that stage.

What does "Remain" mean?

"Remain" indicates the # / $ of leads remaining in this stage at the end of the period. For example, you may have advanced 10 leads from one stage to another stage, but 7 leads may remain for the time period.

I clicked through to a leads list from the funnel report, but the leads don't match the filters I used in the report! What's going on?

The funnel report is a snapshot in time, based on the date range filter you selected on the report. When you click through to drill down on your leads from the report, Nutshell shows you the leads in their current state. If they've progressed to a new stage or the assignee has been switched since the date range in your funnel report, your leads might look like they don't match.

What leads are included in the report?

The funnel report will show any lead that was open and in any of the stages of your selected pipeline, and that match any of the other filters you have applied to the report. Pending leads are not considered in the funnel report.

How far back will the funnel report cover?

The funnel report will pull lead data after January 8, 2016.

I'm not a Nutshell Pro customer. How can I see this report?

Contact our team at to try out Nutshell Pro for free for 7 days. If it's right for you, we'll help you upgrade your account!

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