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Twitter: See stats on your People and Companies
Twitter: See stats on your People and Companies
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Connect Nutshell to your Twitter account to see your contact's Twitter stats directly on their profile.

See your customer's Twitter info displayed at the top of their page!

Note: this integration will not allow you to Tweet from Nutshell, nor will Nutshell post any Tweets on your behalf.

Set it up

Start by going to your Nutshell user profile by clicking your avatar in the lower left, then Your settings.

On that page, scroll down to Twitter and click "Connect"

And that's it for setting it up!

Add Twitter handles to your companies and people

Next, you'll want to add Twitter handles to your companies and people so that you can see their Twitter stats (psst: Nutshell Intelligence may have already added Twitter profiles to contacts with an email address or LinkedIn URL). On the right side of a company or person, click the "Add email, phone, url, or address" link, and type in the Twitter handle.


At the top of that page, you will see their Twitter photo displayed, along with stats for number of followers, number followed, and number of tweets. Their Twitter handle will appear there, too - it's a link to their full Twitter profile.

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