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Click-to-call: Call contacts from your browser
Click-to-call: Call contacts from your browser
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Available on Nutshell Pro and above

Does your team rely on outbound calling? Click-to-call makes it a breeze to contact and keep track of the calls you make to your prospects and customers. Nutshell's click-to-call is built into the Nutshell Pro pricing plan and you won't be billed for minutes or the number of calls you make.

How it works

  • Click a phone number

  • The call is immediately launched. We even make sure caller ID shows your number.

  • When you hang up (in-browser), Nutshell logs the call for you.


How to set up

Use your laptop’s built-in microphone and speakers or a computer headset. You may optionally record calls, add notes, and log activities.

  1. Click Click-to-call

  2. Enter your phone number (the number Nutshell will call to validate your phone number)

  3. Enter a Caller ID name (this can be a name or a number that Nutshell will display on the receiver's caller ID). Note: This only works with landline phones, not cell phones or phone numbers provided by cell phone carriers.

  4. Click Call Me. Nutshell will then call you to enter a verification code. Enter the verification code shown on your screen via your touch-tone keypad, and it will automatically save.

  5. Click a phone number to start calling your contacts. If this is your first call, Nutshell will ask your browser permission to use the microphone, which must be enabled to call.


Enable your microphone

How to use it

Place a call (optionally, record the call)

When you click a phone number, Nutshell will prompt you to Call & record or to Call.


Nutshell gives you the option of recording phone calls made from within your browser. If you choose to record a call, Nutshell will attach the audio clip to the logged activity on the company or person page you called from once the call is completed.

Calling features


Click the mute button in the call bar to mute/un-mute the call.

Click the keypad in the call bar to enter an extension or navigate through a menu.

FAQ & troubleshooting

How can I report on the value I am receiving from my Nutshell Pro subscription + click-to-call?

You can report on the number of minutes your team has used to make calls from Nutshell directly from the Activity Report. This report will help you to quantify the savings you have made with your Nutshell Pro subscription based on the number of minutes your team has spent on the phone.

Simply navigate to the activity report tab, use the calendar picker to filter your date range, then export your report details by clicking the download button in the upper-right corner.


The number of minutes shown in this report includes both the calls made using click-to-call from the web app as well as calls initiated from the Nutshell mobile app. Click here to learn more about the other valuable insights you can gain from the Nutshell Activity Report.

My call got logged as a voicemail! What gives?

Nutshell will log all calls under 60 seconds as a voicemail, so you don't have to change the activity type to "Voicemail" manually.

What happens when the call drops, when the other party doesn't answer, or if the line is busy?

Nutshell will log the activity with the "Unanswered call" activity type.

Do RingCentral and Skype log calls or record calls?

Currently, RingCentral and Skype do not automatically log calls or record calls.

What countries can I call?

Contact Nutshell Support for a list of countries you can call!

What if I don't want to log an unanswered call or a call I don't want to count toward my call quota?

After completing a call from your browser, click "Don't save this call." The call will not be logged, and it will not be reflected in your call quota.


Are there limitations to the number of calls I can make?

Trial accounts are limited to 20 calls total during their trial. Following your purchase of a subscription to Nutshell Pro, call limitations are lifted, and outbound calling is unlimited.

Can I use Click-to-call for inbound calling?

No. Currently, click-to-call can be used for outbound calling only.

Can I add multiple phone numbers I want to call from?

No. Only one direct phone line can be verified at a time per Nutshell user.

I don't have a direct number. Can Nutshell validate my extension so I can make calls?

Nutshell doesn't support validating extensions at this time, you will need a direct line to connect to click-to-call.

Will the caller ID work with my cell phone?

Caller ID only works when the call is made from a landline, not from a cell phone.

Do I need to include the country code?


No one can hear me on my phone calls, but they used to! What can I do?

Using Google Chrome (recommended): In your Chrome microphone settings, click the trash can icon next to the Nutshell URL. This will disable microphone access. The next time you make a call from Nutshell, you will see a Chrome popup asking you to enable microphone access which will force it to start working again.

Can I download my call recordings?

Yes. Open a logged activity with a recording (you'll see a microphone symbol on the activity), then click to download:


Best Practices

  • For optimal results, make sure you are using Nutshell's click-to-call in the most recent version of your web browser.

  • A strong wifi connection is a key component to protecting your call quality. You can click here to perform an internet speed test. Please contact Nutshell Support if you need help deciphering your results!

  • Not all headsets are created equally. If you are running into trouble using click-to-call, try a different headset if you can. If you would like help choosing a new headset which works well with click-to-call, please do not hesitate to let us know and we can share our favorites.

  • Try closing any extra tabs in your web browser you are not using for optimal results.

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