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Elevate your workflow with Power AI
Elevate your workflow with Power AI
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Elevate your workflow with seamless Zoom meeting access, AI-generated meeting transcriptions, and summarized timelines for leads, people, and companies

Access Zoom meetings, recordings, and AI-generated meeting transcription summaries seamlessly within Nutshell's dedicated Zoom hub. Moreover, explore our AI-generated timeline summarization, which condenses important aspects from interactions with leads, companies, and people into easy-to-read summaries.

Getting started

You can find Zoom in the Your settings section in Nutshell.

To get started with your Zoom integration, simply connect your Zoom account within Nutshell.

Note: Zoom meetings will need to be recorded and captions enabled to be able to access the link to the meeting recording and AI-generated meeting transcription summary.

To enable captions simply click on the Settings button in Zoom and click the Always show captions checkbox.

For automatic recording, click the Settings button in Zoom, ensure the toggle is on and the Record to cloud option is checked.

Once connected, the Zoom page will display a list of all completed Zoom calls, with the ability for users to:

  • View meeting date and duration

  • View and access participants' people pages if they exist in Nutshell

  • Access the meeting recording by clicking on the Recording link which will open the meeting recording on the Zoom platform

  • View the transcript status

  • Log Zoom meetings as Nutshell activities

  • Remove the meeting from the list

Log Zoom Meetings in Nutshell

Clicking the Log Activity button not only moves the meeting to the Logged meetings tab but also opens the Nutshell activity modal. Here you can access the meeting transcription and summarize the meeting by clicking the Summarize transcript button which will provide an AI-generated summary of the meeting.

Timeline summarization: Your key to enhanced conversations

Streamline interactions with leads, people, and companies by simply clicking the Summarize button. This action triggers an AI-generated summary of the timeline's key points. Not only does this help you engage in more meaningful conversations with customers or stakeholders, but it also provides valuable conversation starters and reminders, all without the hassle of sifting through details.

Once clicked, the AI-generated timeline summary will be visible at the top of the timeline. In addition, you’re also able to provide feedback on the summary generated: If it's a good summary, click the Thumbs up icon; if not, select the Thumbs down icon. Alternatively, hit the Refresh icon to produce another summary.

Note: The Power AI plan includes 50 AI timeline summarizations per user per month. Our Enterprise plan includes 100 AI timeline summarizations per user per month.

Find out more about our Power AI plan here.

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