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    Michael Vennitti

    Do you plan on implementing any of the following? We need them :)

    1. Trigger when modules are updated; activities, people, leads, companies and tasks. currently Zapier triggers only on New.
    2. pull information from Tasks and trigger from tasks
    3. Extract the Activity Type! We need this for team calendar’s and work orders!
    4. Search and update all modules.
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    Christina Blust

    Are there any plans to add new Actions? We would find extraordinarily helpful a "Log Activity" or even "Add Note" action. Our workflow often has things happening in other systems that we'd like to log under a certain Nutshell person or company (like an invoice being sent through our invoicing system, etc.). There are Zapier triggers for these events via their associated services, but no way to then make something useful happen in Nutshell. 

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