How to set up Nutshell for recruiting
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Nutshell helps recruiters stay organized, focused, and helps them spend more time with the right candidates. Nutshell also helps recruiting firms streamline their process to work smarter, not harder. With a few organizational adjustments in Nutshell, you, too, can increase your revenue and create more time for yourself each day!

The big question is, what will you do now that you all of this have free time and peace of mind?

Organization of your Nutshell account

  • Import active client placement as Leads in Nutshell

  • Import academic institutions, trade schools, and potential employers as Companies in Nutshell

Suggested workflow

  • Use KIT reminders to nurture your clients every week, month, or every three-months.

  • Create a Lead from the Person page when the deal begins.

  • Enter your Leads in a customized pipeline for your recruiting and onboarding process. A lead is 'won' when your candidate has been successfully placed.

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