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Tracking Recurring Revenue
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Does your organization offer a subscription service, or do you find yourself frequently repeating business with a client? You can follow some of the best practices below to learn how to successfully track that information using Nutshell.

Tracking recurring revenue in Nutshell: Most cost-effective option

Nutshell is built to help progress a lead through a series of custom stages until the prospect converts to a customer. If you would like to use Nutshell to track repeat business, you can use Lead cloning to remove the minutiae of recreating the Lead each time your sale recurs. When you clone a Lead, all related Companies, People, and Products will be copied to the new Lead. For easy filtering, we suggest creating a 'repeat sales' tag to apply to your cloned Leads. You can alternately place your recurring leads in a separate pipeline specifically customized for repeat business.

Don't forget to use Nutshell's powerful forecasting tools to look at your expected revenue for the months to come!

Use a Different Tool to Track Recurring Revenue: Most robust option

The most robust option for tracking and projecting potential recurring revenue is with another piece of software specifically designed to do so. Need a recommendation? Contact Nutshell support to ask us about some of our favorites, or check out these customer-rated recommendations.

Use a Google Sheet and Zapier: Hackers choice

Export your won leads automatically into Google Sheets via Zapier to aggregate your recurring revenue and tally your revenue. Click here for instructions on connecting your Nutshell account with Google Sheets.

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