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Zendesk: Customer service platform/ticketing system
Zendesk: Customer service platform/ticketing system
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Integrate Nutshell and Zendesk to keep all your tickets stored where your customer-facing sales and service teams can see them.

Nutshell provides a native app for the customer service platform Zendesk.

If you handle your customer service via Zendesk, you can have those conversations automatically sync with Nutshell.

What does it do?

When installed, Zendesk will automatically send new and updated tickets to Nutshell. If a Company or Person exists in Nutshell with the same email address as the ticket's requester, the ticket will appear labeled as such in the Company or Person's timeline. Your Zendesk agent's reply will also appear in Nutshell. They will also be available in the activity detail report.

Within Zendesk, when you view a ticket you will see contact information for the Person in Nutshell with the same email address. If there is no matching Person in Nutshell, you will be presented with a form to create a new Person.

How to install Zendesk

Note: If you have previously installed Nutshell Zendesk integration and are trying to reinstall it, be sure to disable the original version under Admin (gear icon) > Extensions (all the way at the bottom under Settings) > CRM. If you do not do this you could receive duplicate Zendesk items in Nutshell.

Before installing the integration, make sure that the email address you're using for your Zendesk account is an email address associated with a user in your Nutshell account.

1. Click here to get the app and follow the install instructions! Or, in Zendesk, open the Admin menu by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left, and click Marketplace.


2. Search for Nutshell in the search field in the upper right of the App Marketplace.

4. Click Install on the right.

5. Select your Zendesk account from the dropdown. Note that you will see your Zendesk subdomain here, not ours! Click Install to confirm the installation.


6. Click on the “Copy your Zendesk token from Nutshell" link on the right or click here.


7. Copy the Zendesk token from your Nutshell Integrations page. Be sure to copy the entire token. Treat this token like a password, and do not share it with anybody who you would not want to allow to access your Nutshell data.

8. Return to Zendesk and paste that token into the Access token field.

9. Click Install and you are ready to go.


My tickets are duplicating inside of Nutshell! How can I fix this?

Tickets can be duplicated in Nutshell whenever they meet the criteria of your Zendesk triggers. To edit your triggers, go to the Zendesk admin panel.

Click Triggers under Business Rules:


Click the trigger called Nutshell ticket-update trigger (automatically installed).

Your conditions for this trigger may be causing the ticket to be sent to Nutshell any time there is an update in Zendesk. Here at Nutshell, we find it more helpful to only send tickets into Nutshell when there has been a reply from our support team or our customer. Try setting the conditions like this:


How do I uninstall the Nutshell Zendesk app?

  1. Go to the Admin panel

  2. Click on Triggers under BUSINESS RULES

  3. Hover over “Nutshell ticket-update trigger (automatically installed)” and click on Deactivate

  4. Click on Delete inactive triggers

  5. Click on Extensions under SETTINGS

  6. Click Targets (depending on your account level it may or may not default to this)

  7. Hover over “Nutshell target (automatically installed)” and click Deactivate

  8. Hover over it again under Inactive targets and click Delete

My Zendesk integration doesn't seem to be working. What troubleshooting steps can I take?

The most common reason for the Zendesk integration not working as expected is if your Zendesk username does not match your Nutshell username. Make sure all team members who need to use this integration are using the same email address as their Nutshell and Zendesk logins.

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