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PandaDoc: create, send, track, and electronically sign proposals & contracts
PandaDoc: create, send, track, and electronically sign proposals & contracts
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Nutshell CRM gives your team the tools you need to close more sales. PandaDoc helps you manage your sales documents. With this integration, you can manage all of your sales documents from within Nutshell.

Integrate with PandaDoc to create, send and track quotes, proposals and contracts from within Nutshell.

How to get started

You will need an account with PandaDoc. The integration is automatically enabled in your Nutshell account. You just need to download the PandaDoc's Chrome extension to quickly and easily create and send a document to any Company, Person, or Lead in Nutshell.

What can I do with the integration?

Once you download and install the Chrome extension, you can easily send your customer's information to PandaDoc and email them a document to fill out.

You may create, send, and track quotes, proposals, and contracts via Pandadoc from within Nutshell. Lead information, including all of your custom fields and contact information, product info as well as pricing details, will flow into your documents seamlessly.

PandaDoc will show you updates related to documents directly from the associated Company, Person, or Lead page.


The PandaDoc extension is blocking my Nutshell screen! What do I do?

You can open and close the PandaDoc Chrome extension by clicking the small PD button next to the address bar in your browser:

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