How do I manage my Leads after the sale?
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Available on Nutshell Pro and above.

Your relationship with your leads doesn't stop when you make the sale! Set follow-through tasks using sales automation for your closed leads to make sure that you're getting the most out of every deal.

What can I set follow-through tasks for?

Sales automation empowers you to create follow-through tasks for your won, lost, and cancelled leads. Set follow-through tasks for your won leads to build a streamlined, consistent onboarding process for new customers.

Do you like to check in with your lost or cancelled leads a few months later to see if anything has changed on their end, like an increase in budget or a contract expiration? Set follow-through tasks for your lost and cancelled leads to make sure that you don't drop the ball on any potential future sales!

How do I create follow-through tasks?

Follow-through tasks can be created for each of your sales automation pipelines. Depending on the status of the lead (won, lost, or cancelled), the correct set of follow-up tasks will appear on the lead after it is closed.

Follow these steps to create follow-through tasks:

  1. Click on the pipeline that you'd like to edit

  2. Select Follow-through on the top right side of the pipeline editing page

  3. Use the + Add task button to create a list of follow-through tasks for each stage (won, lost, and cancelled)


​Learn more about creating and deleting automated tasks for your pipelines here.

What rules can I apply to automated follow-through tasks?

Assign each follow-through task to the correct team member (or team) to make sure that the correct person is notified of the task and doesn't miss any follow-ups with your leads.

Set due dates to ensure that your team is following up with your leads in a timely manner. Due dates can be set based on the number of hours, days, weeks, months, business hours, and business days that pass after your lead is closed.

Add descriptions to your follow-through tasks to coach your team through each step of your follow-up process. This is a place to coach and encourage right within Nutshell!

Automatically add closed leads to MailChimp campaigns

Automatically add your closed leads to specific MailChimp campaigns based on how the deal ended. Do you have a great welcome campaign for new customers or a powerful drip campaign to keep lost leads warm? Add them to those lists automatically when those leads are won or lost.


Learn more about automatically adding leads to MailChimp campaigns here.

Notify your team in Slack when a lead is closed

Celebrate your wins and analyze your losses in Slack! Nutshell's Slack integration enables you to send automatic notifications to specific Slack channels when a lead is won, lost, or cancelled.


Do you only want to see won leads greater than $50 or lost leads greater than $100? Configure notification settings based on lead value so that you're only reporting on the leads that matter to you.


Learn more about sending automated Slack notifications about leads here.

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