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How to migrate from Salesforce
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Importing your Salesforce data is the first and best step to hit the ground running with your new, easy-to-use CRM that your sales team will love.

How do I export my data from Salesforce?

Nutshell can directly import the .zip file generated during Salesforce's data backup. Please note that certain SalesForce plans limit your ability to export data to once a month. Be sure to follow the instructions below to generate an export that can be migrated directly into Nutshell!

In Salesforce:

1. From Setup, enter Data Export in the Quick Find box, then select Data Export and Export Now or Schedule Export.

  • The Export Now option prepares your files for export immediately. This option is only available if enough time has passed since your last export.

  • The Schedule Export option allows you to schedule the export process for weekly or monthly intervals.

2. Select the Unicode (UTF-8) encoding for your export file.

3. Do NOT select Include images, documents, and attachments, Include Salesforce Files, Salesforce CRM Content document versions, or Include Chatter files

4. Do NOT select Replace carriage returns with spaces.

5. If you're scheduling your export, select the frequency (only available for orgs with monthly exports), start and end dates, and time of day for your export.

6. Click Start Export or Save.

To start importing your Salesforce data:

  1. Start by visiting Company settings > Import

  2. Click the Salesforce link

  3. Click the Choose file button to upload your Salesforce export .zip file

  4. Choose which data you would like to import


If there are active users in your Salesforce account, they will be invited to your new Nutshell account.

What are all of these options?

After uploading your .zip file, you will have the choice to import all non-standard data fields from your Salesforce data as Nutshell custom fields. The Match screen offers you the option to either Import or Don't import each of your custom fields. These are all set to Don't import by default: this is a great time to review the information you have and decide what is actually valuable to your business!

Nutshell uses some different terminology than Salesforce to simplify and streamline your experience:

  • Opportunities from Salesforce will become Nutshell Leads

  • Accounts will transfer as Companies

  • Contacts will transfer as People

Isn't that a little more human? :)

What data is created in Nutshell?

  • Users, including name, email address, and Lead assignment (Both current and historic users)

  • Companies, including contact information, notes, associated People, Leads, and custom fields

  • People, including contact information, notes, linked Companies, Leads, and custom fields

  • Leads, including linked Companies and People, status (Open, Won, Lost, or Cancelled), custom fields, sources, value, notes, and the progress of that lead through its pipeline (Stage)

  • Activities (scheduled and logged) and your custom activity types

  • Tags for Companies, People, and Leads

  • Custom fields, for Companies, People, and Leads

  • Sources, for Leads

  • Products, including Market pricing

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