How do I see past Imports?
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Do you want to see a complete history of all the imports you and your team have completed in Nutshell? Never fear, Import History is here!

How to access your import history

  1. Click on Setup

  2. Scroll down and click on Import

  3. On the Import your data page scroll down to the bottom

  4. You'll see a list of all the imports you and your team have started in Nutshell

In your import history, you'll be able to see the status of your past imports, the type of import that was run (such as a Google contact sync, CSV import, or vCard import), the Nutsheller that ran the import, and the time the import started.


How to see import details

You can also view the details of a specific import. Just click on that import to go to the status page for that specific import.


From the import status page, you can:

  1. View the time it took to import your file

  2. View the number of new and updated companies, new and updated people, and new leads imported

  3. Download the import file

  4. Revert the import

  5. View column mapping for that import

  6. Run a new import with the same column mapping as the import you're currently viewing

How to revert an import

Did you accidentally import a file you didn't mean to, or make mistakes in the way that you mapped the data in an import? We've got your back! To revert an import, click on that import in the Import History, and click Revert this import. Reverting an import will remove all the data that was added during that import.

Note: Reverting an import will not delete any updates you've made to companies and people such as new notes, contact information, and custom field data.



Can I view only the Companies, People, and Leads created from an import?

Yes, you sure can! Just click on that import in your import history, and click the 'view' button next to where it says the number of companies, people, or leads created. You'll be redirected to the list page filtered to show only the new companies, people, or leads you clicked on.

You can also filter any of the list pages by their origin. Just choose the origin filter, and then the date and time that import was run in the list of origins.

Can I view the updated Companies, People, and Leads from an import?

You cannot view a filtered list of only updated Companies, People, and Leads at this time.

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