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Create a form to add new leads and contacts in Nutshell from your website
Create a form to add new leads and contacts in Nutshell from your website
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Design your own forms in Nutshell to collect new contact information from your website and automatically create new companies, people, and leads in Nutshell.

No need to deal with complicated integrations to add new contacts from your website into Nutshell. You can create new leads, add people to your audiences, and more.

Any administrator in your Nutshell account can create and share a form.

Create a form

Forms can be set up in Marketing > Nutshell Forms. On this page, you can see all your existing forms and add a new one by clicking Create new form.

You can choose from Nutshell form templates (which you can edit and customize to your heart’s content!) or start from scratch.

Next, click Edit form and start to add blocks - think of these like building blocks for all the questions you want to include in your forms!

Customize your form

On the left side of your form editing screen, you can choose your form's background color and font. Already know your brand colors? Enter the hex or RGB values!


To start building your form, click Add a block.

You can choose from two types of blocks:

  • Content blocks can be used to add headers to your form. Use these for things like titles, section titles, and informative text.

  • Input blocks are the questions and data fields that you add to your form for people to fill out, including name, email address, phone number, and more.

Content blocks

When you add a new content block, click into the field to start adding your text.


On the left side of your screen, you'll see options to edit your text's color, size, weight, and position.


Input blocks

To start adding fields to your form, click Add a block and then choose from the options of input blocks. These inputs will correspond with the field in Nutshell where the information will go, for example choosing Person name will add a person by that name in your Nutshell account.

Some fields, like Email address and Phone number, could belong to a company or person, so you can select which you'd like to use from the dropdown:


On the input blocks, you can make fields required or not by checking the box:


On the left side of your screen, you'll see form design options to change the text color and size. You can also choose the color of the field outline as well as the border radius (which will make the edges of your input block more rounded with a higher number, or more square with a lower number).


When you are satisfied with your form, click the Preview form button in the upper right to see how it looks! Your preview will open in a new tab, and you can test the experience of filling out your form (nothing entered on the preview page will be saved in Nutshell).

Publish your form

To save your changes, click Publish changes in the upper right, then "Publish now". Your form is now "live" and ready to be filled out!

Choose your spam prevention setting

In the form sidebar, you'll find a Spam prevention setting that enables you to add hCaptcha to your Nutshell forms. This tool is designed to verify whether users are human by presenting challenges that are easy for humans but difficult for bots.

Click on this Spam prevention section to access the settings.

Here, you can choose from three levels of spam protection per form:

  • Mostly invisible: hCaptcha will only be shown if Nutshell suspects the submission might be spam. This is our recommended option.

  • Always on: Every form submitter will need to complete the hCaptcha

  • No protection: No captcha will be shown at all

The hCaptcha added to your Nutshell form will be included at the bottom of the form:

After submission

Define what should happen when someone submits your form by adding a success message or redirecting them to a web page of your choosing.


Next steps

When someone fills out your form, it will automatically create or update a person in your Nutshell account. Based on the fields in your form, it may also create or update a company. Duplicate contacts who fill out your form will be merged based on email address (people) or name (companies).


If your form is collecting leads, use the "Add a next step" button to create leads in a specific pipeline for the people who submit your form.


You can customize even more next steps to stay even more organized:

Create a person next steps

Need to label anyone who fills out your form to add them to custom sales lists or marketing lists? Automatically add one or more tags to people after they submit your form. Or, add them to any audiences that you're building up:


Want to track the contacts created from a specific form? No worries - Nutshell will automatically include the form as the origin of your new contacts, no setup required.

Create a company next steps

You can automatically tag any companies that are created via form submissions.


Share your form

From your form page, click the Embed form button in the upper right to get a URL or embed code to get your form out into the world.

Use your form's URL to share a link to your form anywhere - on your website, in an email, on social media, or somewhere even more creative ;)

Copy the form's embed code onto your website to make it available directly on any of your web pages.


Need help embedding your form in Wordpress? Click here for instructions.

Get notified when a form is submitted

Once your form is completed, head to your Notifications settings to set up notifications via in-app, mobile push, or email to be alerted when one of your customers submits a form.

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