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Create Products to track the value of your leads
Create Products to track the value of your leads
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Learn how to create products in Nutshell to keep track of what you sell and add value to your leads!

Administrators can create custom products in Nutshell. Products are how you show value for your leads in Nutshell. Even if you don't typically sell physical products, the flexibility of this feature will allow you to designate what you sell and customize the value of each sale.

Create Products

  1. Click your initials or avatar image in the bottom left corner of Nutshell

  2. Click Company Settings

  3. Under the Organization heading, click Products

  4. Click Add Product

  5. Add a name

  6. Choose your Product type (Good or Service)

  7. Add an optional SKU

  8. Add the product value to the currency field

Administrators can define values for different currencies with Markets.


If your product prices vary for each of your customers, you can adjust the price for each lead by manually adding a new price on the product for the lead.

Good vs. Service

The main functional difference between a Good and a Service in Nutshell is that Goods may only be added once to an individual lead, and you can adjust the quantity.

Services may be added multiple times to leads, so if you are a service-based company generating multiple quotes or providing multiple services, this can be tracked on your lead without adjusting the product quantity. Note that you may still adjust the quantity of your Service product with your leads if you choose to do so.

Add products to leads

  1. Inside the lead, on the right side, click "Add product..."

  2. Update the quantity

  3. Adjust the price or discount % as needed

  4. Add any useful notes to the product



What happens if I delete a product?

Nutshell will never delete any historically logged data pertaining to that product. You won’t be able to add it to new leads, but you can still segment, filter by, and report on that product so long as it is associated with your old closed leads.

I applied a discount to a product on one of my leads, but then the price became $0.00— why did this happen?

The discount calculator will only work if your products have a non-zero starting price. If you added a $0.00 product to your lead and then manually entered the price, the discount calculator will reference the starting price saved in your settings, resulting in the $0.00 amount you're seeing after applying a discount. Adjust the starting prices of your products here.

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