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Getting ready to import? Download our sample CSV file
Getting ready to import? Download our sample CSV file
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If you're transitioning to a CRM for the first time from your spreadsheets, email, and calendar, it can be helpful to understand how to format your contact data.

Download the attached sample CSV, which can be used as a template to format your contact information for quick and easy importing directly into Nutshell.

If your spreadsheet is an Excel file, Google Sheet, or something else, it is easy to simply Save as or download your file as the CSV file type. However, the actual layout of the spreadsheet is important too!

Once you've set up your CSV file, click here for a step-by-step guide to importing into Nutshell. FAQ

Do my column headers need to be an exact match with the headers in the sample CSV?

Nope! You can see a list of all the different types of data that Nutshell accepts here. In addition to any standard contact information, you can also create custom fields to keep track of any information that's specific to your company.

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