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Report on your team's activities [Nutshell Pro]
Report on your team's activities [Nutshell Pro]
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Check out your team's progress in the activity report.

The activity report is a great tool for managers to see what team members have been up to, and check on how your team is performing against their quotas. If you haven't yet set up activity quotas but would like to establish these goals for your team, check out this article.


Using the activity report

The activity report consists of three sections: Chart, Summary, and Activities. You can filter the information that you would like to see in each section and change the timeframe that you are reporting on.

Show activities in the Activity report

Any time one of your team members logs an activity, it will be counted in the report. Emails sent with Nutshell or synced to Nutshell will automatically be included in the report and count as logged activities.


  • Activity type: Choose one or multiple activity types

  • Users and teams: Filter by users or teams

To apply filters to your Activity report, choose them from the drop-down and then use the green checkmark to apply your selection. Those filters will apply to all sections of the activity report, including the Summary and Activities tabs.


Date range

Select the timeframe that you would like to report on. You can use a built-in date range such as last 30 days or this quarter, or you can set your own by clicking on calendar dates. You also have the option of typing in the specific date range you are interested in viewing. Date ranges also apply to the Summary and Activities tabs.


Comparison mode

Want to see your (or your team's) activity effort compared with a previous timeframe? Just use the "Compare to" checkbox to see if there has been an improvement.

  • Year-over-year: compares your selected timeframe with the same timeframe in the previous year

  • Previous period: compares your selected timeframe with the previous timeframe of the same length


Reading the Activity report


The Chart provides you with a visual representation of all logged activities. The chart can be sorted based on a variety of time frames, including day, week, quarter, month, and year. Activity type and users & teams filters, as well as date ranges, will apply to the Chart, Summary, and Activities sections.


The Chart can also be segmented by user and activity type to gain specific insights into those activities.

Segment by user to see side-by-side comparisons for all of your team members to learn who is logging the most activities and when.


Segment by type to see which types of activities your team is logging the most often, and when those activities are taking place.


Activity Outcomes Chart

Below the main activity report chart, you'll find a section that ties together the number of activities your team has completed with leads in relation to their outcome. That is to say, how many activities has my team completed that actually contributed to won leads (or lost leads, cancelled leads, etc). Activities that did not include a lead as a participant are not counted in this chart.


Other activities

This number represents all activities with leads that are currently Open, activities that have participants associated with multiple leads, and "Email" activities.


The Summary section provides a count of all logged activities by user and type. Activities without a quota are displayed as the total number of logged activities by type, while activities with a quota show the total number of logged activities, the total number needed to meet the quota, and the percentage of progress toward the goal for each user.

Without quotas:


With quotas:


A note about quotas: If you change activity quotas mid-week, the goals appearing in the report will be pro-rated for that time period. Since the quotas are a weekly count, they will reset at the start of the next full week.


The Activities section shows a running list of every logged activity in your Nutshell account, including notes.


You will see which teammate logged the activity, the type, notes on the activity, and all of the participants.

Save, Share, and Export

When you apply filters for Activity type, Users & teams, or date range, you might want to come back to this report again and again without the need to recreate it each time. Nutshell's Activity reports can be saved and shared with your teammates.



Click the green Save button to save a new report. Give your report a descriptive name so you can easily identify it in the future.

Use the Save as button to update an existing saved report. You would want to do this if you've edited your report filters and want to replace a report you've previously saved.


Click Share to make a saved report available to others in your organization.


By default, reports will not be shared. You can choose to share them with everyone in your Nutshell account, or with specific individual team members.

Note: Reports can only be shared with other team members who are a part of your Nutshell account.

Accessing saved and shared reports

Click My reports to select an existing report. You can search for a report by name. Browse all reports or toggle to Just mine to see only the reports that you have saved.


To delete a report, click the three vertical dots next to the report and click Delete.

Export an activity report

To export your Activity report, click the three vertical dots next to the Save button.


You can download the Detail and Activities sections of the report. The Details export will show you all of the daily activities for each user, how long they were active in Nutshell, and how many events and minutes they logged for each activity type.


The reports will download directly from your browser and will be saved to your computer as a CSV file.

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