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Create a custom report [Nutshell Pro]
Create a custom report [Nutshell Pro]
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Custom reports are powerful reports that can be used to gain insight into your leads. Create, save, and share custom reports amongst team members who need to know your numbers.

Administrators and unrestricted non-administrators can use custom reports. Team members who are restricted from viewing all data cannot use custom reports, but they can use their leads list to filter and report on their own leads.

Creating your custom report

  • By default, a new custom report will show all leads.

  • Use the Filter icon to open a sidebar on the left to add or change filters:


Filters are available for the following categories:

Date Picker

The date picker can be used to choose between either Closed or Open Dates to plot on the x-axis of the chart. By default, your leads are filtered on Open Date. The closed date filter includes both actual and expected close dates.

Lead filters

  • Assignee

  • Close Date

  • Last Contacted

  • Outcome

  • Pipeline

  • Products

  • Sources

  • Status

  • Tags

  • Value

  • # Tickets

  • Address

  • Age

  • Companies

  • Competitors

  • Confidence

  • Created by

  • Market

  • Next Activity Start Time

  • Origin

  • Overdue

  • People

  • Phone Number

  • Priority

  • Stage

  • Watched By

  • # Activities

  • Company Type

  • Industry

  • Territory

  • # Emails

  • Templates

Company custom fields

This list includes any custom fields you have created for your Companies that are attached to the leads pulled into your report.

Lead custom fields

This list includes any custom fields you have created for your leads.

Hot Leads

You can also filter your custom reports by the leads that are high priority to your and your team. To do this, select the priority filter, and search for 'Hot.'


You can segment your custom report to compare performance in terms of lead quantity or lead volume across different data points. Segment by the following attributes:

  • Outcome

  • Product

  • Assignee

  • Territory

  • Source

  • Tag

  • Competitor

  • Stage

  • Status

Segmenting your report will present you with a stacked bar chart so you can see information like: which reps are working on the highest-value leads? Which territory is bringing in the most business? What stage of my sales process are most of my leads in, right now?


Custom report elements



Based on the filters and time frame you select, Nutshell will create a chart based on the leads that match these filters. The total value, the average value per period selected (day, week, month, quarter, or year), the average time open, win rate, and the average value of these leads will also be calculated and displayed.


The date range will be at the bottom along the x-axis. You can change the x-axis by adjusting the date range. In the screenshot above, there is a Closed date filter applied for a period of August 2, 2018 to August 2, 2019. By default, leads will be broken down by week. Click on the other buckets to see leads groups by day, month, quarter, or year.


The value of your leads is on the left-hand y-axis, with green bars indicating the total values or quantities of leads in each timeframe bucket The dotted black line represents this performance against your Sales quota.

Hover your mouse over any point on your chart to see the total number and value of your leads in the chosen timeframe:



The details tab shown below your chart is a breakdown of the value of the leads that appear with the given filters, broken down by the period selected. In the following example, the details have been broken down by month:



In the Leads tab, next to Details, you can see a list of the leads summarized in the report. Columns can be added to this list to view additional data about the leads!


Save and/or share your report

You can view your saved reports under My Saved Reports, and reports that have been shared with you under Shared Reports.

Save report

Saving a report will save your current set of filters and columns. Your report will update in real time as changes are made to the leads in your Nutshell account. To save a snapshot of your leads with your current report filters, export the report instead.

To save a report, click Save at the top of your report, give your report a name and click Save once more.


If you make changes to an existing saved report and want to re-save it with your changes, click the Save button. If you make changes to an existing saved report and want to save it as a new, separate report, click Save as, rename this new report and click Save once more.

Share report

You can share your report after you save it, as soon as you are done or long after.

To share a saved report, click Share. You can share your report with nobody (choosing this option will un-share a shared report), everyone, or you can select Individuals as team members or entire teams.


Export the report

To export the Chart as an image, Detail or Lead data in the report as a CSV file, click the Ellipses button in the upper right corner of the list. Any columns that you add to your report will appear in the exported Lead report.

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