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Report on your sales forecast [Nutshell Pro]
Report on your sales forecast [Nutshell Pro]
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Analyze your sales to date, pipeline size, projected sales, and whether your team is on track to meet quota.

The Nutshell forecast report provides a way to view and compare your pipeline, sales to date, and projected sales all at the same time. This forward-looking report is very flexible and can be adjusted by date range, value vs. quantity, and a multitude of filtering options.

What can you learn from the forecast report?

Sales to date: the total value or count of your won leads in your selected timeframe

Pipeline: the total value or count of your open leads with an expected close date in your selected timeframe

Projected sales: the sum of the value or count of your open and won leads with a close date or expected close date in your selected timeframe (sales to date + pipeline)

Quota: the sales you and your team need to close in your selected timeframe to meet your established sales quota

You can even weight your sales forecast by lead confidence.


Don’t you wish you had reports that you could take from your CRM and put directly in your PowerPoint presentations? Well, now you can! All reports in chart form are presentation ready and can be downloaded, saved, and shared with your team.

To use

The sales forecast report can be found on the left-hand side of your Nutshell dashboard under Reports.


Filter and segment your forecast

Customize your report by selecting from 27 different options (and sub options!) including Company type, Products, Stage, and Territory view. The robust filters ensure you only see the data you want.


To the right of the filter, the Segment by box allows you to further segment the information. Segment by assignee to see how upcoming sales are distributed across your team.


You can segment by:

  • Product

  • Assignee

  • Source

  • Tag

  • Competitor

  • Stage

Forecast by lead confidence

If you check the box “Forecast pipeline by confidence,” the pipeline figure will only display the figure associated with the confidence level. For example, a $20,000 lead with 20% confidence will only add $4,000 to the pipeline.


Reading the report

You decide whether you’d like to see the information by dollar value or lead quantity.


Wondering what that dotted line represents? Those are your overall sales quotas! See how the team's expected forecast is stacking up against those quotas to make sure that you've got enough leads in the funnel to hit your goals. If you haven't set up sales quotas yet, check out this article for step-by-step instructions.

On the far right, select your date range, which also includes historical sales figures and the ability to compare previous periods. The date range in the forecast report is the lead close date (past) or expected close date (future).


Just below the date range, you can select the time increments: day, week, month, quarter and year.


The detail and leads tabs are also accessible on this report and are directly below the bottom row of information. These tabs can be used to drill down into different deals to get more specific information.

Save, share, and download the report

To save, click the green button in the upper right corner. If you want to download, hover your mouse over the 3 dots next to the save button and choose from options to download report details, report chart, or lead list.

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