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Android: Create and log activities
Android: Create and log activities
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You can use your Android device to create new activities in Nutshell, and easily log them along with your notes on the go!

Schedule an Activity

1. After opening your Nutshell app, tap the


button in the top left corner.
2. Tap the plus sign in the bottom right corner.


3. Tap Activity.


4. Select your Activity Type from the drop down menu, enter any pertinent details you need included, and then tap Save.


5. Once your activity has been saved, you can make changes or include notes by tapping the following options:


Log an Activity

1. On your Nutshell app's home screen, tap TODOS.


2. In your list of scheduled items, tap the activity you're ready to mark as complete:


3. Tap Log Activity at the top of your screen.


4. Include any needed notes, and then tap Save and Log.

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