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How to track emails sent from Nutshell
How to track emails sent from Nutshell
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Sending email with Nutshell gives outreach experts like you even more insight into the kind of engagement you are getting from your network.

If you want to see which of this month’s prospects have opened or clicked on an email, you can use our email tracking tool to help you focus your selling efforts on the buyers who are interested and follow up differently with prospects who haven’t engaged yet.

How to set up email tracking

To track engagement on the emails you send from Nutshell, simply ensure that the box next to "Track when messages sent from Nutshell are opened or clicked" on your email settings page in Nutshell.


If you're sending a template email in bulk from the list view, the emails will automatically be tracked.

How to see if an email has been opened

This number is displayed underneath the timestamp of the email on the left side (next to the eye icon).


If no one has opened the email, nothing will be displayed. You can also view your email views all at a glance directly from your Nutshell sent folder.

How to filter by email views and clicks

You can now sort your People, Company, and Leads lists in Nutshell by the kinds of engagement you are getting on emails sent from Nutshell. To view this information in the list view, you can add columns to your Nutshell that give you powerful insight into what is happening on the other side of your screen.


Clicking on the filter icon within your column headers will allow you to filter by:

  • # Emails Sent

  • # Emails Received

  • Templates received

  • Templates in progress

  • Templates with replies

  • Emails opened

  • Emails clicked

  • Email open rate

  • Email click rate

  • Last email open time

  • Templates opened

  • Templates with clicks


For everything you need to know about using filters and how to save your filtered lists to save time, head on over to this page!


Nutshell's reporting tools give insight into which templated emails are getting the best responses. You can navigate to your sent folder to see which of your templates are driving conversations forward.


Click the three dots to the right of each template to view a filtered list of all recipients of those messages.



Does this work with emails I send from outside of Nutshell if I have mail sync enabled?

No. We only have the ability to track emails that are sent from within Nutshell.

I tried to test this by sending myself an email, but I don't see any indication that I opened my email or clicked a link. Why not?

We have some safeguards that make it a bit challenging to test the feature out for yourself. If you send an email to yourself — even if it's to a personal Gmail address, Nutshell will recognize that the viewer uses Nutshell. This means it won't track it as a view, because we try to only show external views.

The email that I sent bounced back, but when I look at the recipient's timeline in Nutshell I see an indicator that the email was opened. Why?

Nutshell uses a small embedded pixel in your outbound emails for tracking views. This technology does not allow us to identify who actually opened an email. If you open the bounceback email, the tracker in the original email will fire and it will register as an email view inside of Nutshell.

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