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How can I send bulk emails with Nutshell?
How can I send bulk emails with Nutshell?
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In Nutshell, you can send mass emails using templates to quickly and easily communicate with a whole group of customers or prospects.

Want to send the same email to multiple recipients all at once right from inside Nutshell? With Nutshell, you can create templates in Your settings on the Templates tab. Before you begin sending emails, you'll need to connect your email with Nutshell.

Send a bulk email

After you've connected your email with Nutshell and created an email template, you'll have the option to start sending mass emails. We especially recommend this feature if you are already segmenting your contacts using Nutshell filters or saved lists.

  1. Choose who you'd like to email by checking the box next to their name or filtering your list and using the select all checkbox at the top of your list (up to 500 at a time)

  2. Click Email in the lower right and choose a template

  3. Click Send email to all recipients



If I am sending a bulk email to companies or leads with more than one contact person, who will receive the email?

Nutshell will only send the email to the primary (first-listed) person attached to a certain company or lead.

I received the following error message: "It seems like some of the people you want to email can’t complete the template:" How do I fix this?

If your template uses a shortcode and the intended recipient doesn't have that entity in Nutshell, you'll receive this error. For example, if I send an email to Joe Malcoun (the best CEO ever), and the template has


but you don't have a company for Joe in Nutshell, we'll let you know that it's missing.

You'll then have the option to send it with a blank in its place, or to only send it to the selection of Companies, People, and Leads that have that have all shortcodes fulfilled.

If I send a bulk email, will all the recipients be bcc'd, or will they be able to see each other's email address?

Any emails sent using the Bulk Email option will be sent as individual emails. Your recipients won't be able to see who else received the email.

Can I attach a file to a bulk email?

No. Nutshell doesn't support file attachments on bulk email, because file attachments sent in bulk have a high likelihood of getting your email address flagged for spam (even if it's legitimate email). We don't want to expose our customers to this probability, so we don't allow you to do this through our software. You can attach a file to one-off individual emails using our templates.

Is it possible to send a group email to multiple recipients?

Definitely! You can send a group email to multiple recipients from a company or lead page. Any person associated with the company or lead will be available to add as a recipient to the single email. Check out this article to learn more.

Are there limits to Nutshell's bulk emailing feature?

Yes, email sending is subject to the limits of your email provider, as defined by them. As a Nutshell customer, you also agree not to send spam as part of our End User License Agreement, as defined by Spamhaus.

Can I send email sequences in bulk?

We cannot currently send email sequences in bulk, because Nutshell's design is focused on how important it is to personalize messages. Nutshell seriously believes our customers will be more successful (in generating replies and in generating sales), if they give a tiny bit of consideration to the personalization of a note. Then what Nutshell does is automate the follow-up of those messages in your personalized thread.

How many emails can I send at once from Nutshell without getting an 'email failure' message?

Nutshell allows for 500 emails to be sent at a time. Email providers (such as Outlook or Google) apply additional restrictions to the number of emails you can send at once, as well as daily email sending limits. If you are running into email failures, try reducing the number of emails you are sending at one time from Nutshell to around 100 recipients. Read on if you are trying to send hundreds or thousands of emails at a time on a regular basis...

What is the best option for sending an email blast, newsletter, email campaign, or mail merge to thousands of contacts at once using Nutshell?

Our favorite tool to accomplish this is Nutshell Campaigns! You'll be able to send thousands of emails to all of your audiences without fear of email sending limits in place by your email provider. For more information on marketing with Nutshell, click here!

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