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We know you’re busy! Nutshell helps you prioritize your prospects with hot leads so that you know exactly where to focus your attention to close more deals.

Marking a lead as hot will help you keep the most important deals top of mind and top of your to-do list. Easily sort and filter your leads to put those hot leads front and center on your dashboard and your lead views.

Nutshell’s hot leads feature will help you turn up the volume on your most valuable opportunities to help you thoughtfully attack your day and put you at the top of the leaderboard. Now that’s hot!

Hot or not

Nutshell’s hot leads feature helps you quickly identify those sales that are primed to close and gives you an extra boost with prioritizing your day. Some examples of hot leads are leads that are personally referred to you by someone in your close network or that have expressed clear and continued interest in buying from you.

Hot leads are marked with an orange chevron, an orange lead name, and a fire icon at the end of the lead name. You’ll notice this on all of your lead lists, the lead board, and any dashboard list cards you’ve created.


Make a lead hot

When you create a new lead in Nutshell, you can mark the priority level Hot by checking the priority box.


If a lead already exists and you need to heat it up, check the Hot box on the lead page.


Hot lead timelines

When a lead is marked by hot, we'll make a note on the timeline, so the rest of your team is in the loop.


Hot leads on the dashboard

Activities and tasks

You can filter your activities and tasks to see only the events that are scheduled with hot leads. Check the box for Only hot leads on either list to see only the activities or tasks that are associated with your hot leads. You’ll see those orange chevrons and lead names too!


Dashboard cards

You’ll see your hot leads in any of your list preview dashboard cards. Keep an eye out for those orange chevrons and lead names. Those are the hot leads and Nutshell is reminding you to tackle those first (before your work day gets away from you)!


We’ve created a saved hot leads list for you and you can add it to your dashboard as a “list preview” card to see the first five entries and quickly access the rest of the list. You can also save customized lists of your hot leads! Jump ahead to learn more about creating custom hot lead lists.

Hot leads on the lead board

Hot lead cards on your lead board will keep those orange lead names, orange chevrons, and fire icons. You can also sort your lead board to show you only hot leads by checking the box for Only hot at the top of your board view.


You can call, email, change stage, or close a lead directly from your lead board. Learn more about working efficiently from the lead board in this article.

Hot leads on the lead list

We’ve already created a hot leads list for you! We know you need to keep those top of mind and you can quickly access a list of all of your hot leads from the My Saved Lists button on the top right side of your list view.

If you need to filter your lead list for all of your hot leads, check the box for Only hot at the top of the list. This will pull up that same saved “hot leads list” that we created for you.


You can get even more granular by adding additional filters to your hot leads and save your own specific hot lead lists. Click here to learn more about filtering and saving your own custom lists.

Do you want to see a list of all of your open leads, but still know which ones are hot? We’ve got your back! Keep your eyes peeled for those orange chevrons, orange lead names, and fire icons.

Notifications on hot leads

Your team will automatically receive notifications when a lead is marked as hot. You can choose to receive notifications inside of Nutshell, via email or our mobile app.


Report on your hot leads

Ideally, your hot leads are closing at a higher rate than your other leads - we’ve got our fingers crossed! You can find out for sure by creating reports that show you how your hot leads are performing. Add a Priority is Hot filter to any report to see all of your hot leads reflected in the chart and report details.


Add a Priority is Normal filter to see how all of your other leads are performing. This is handy if you want to keep those higher close rates for your hot leads from skewing your overall lead averages.



Why is the pipeline on my lead page orange?

Hot leads move through an orange pipeline instead of a blue one so that you know the lead is hot the moment you open up the lead page.

I closed a hot lead and the lead title isn’t orange anymore. Are leads still hot after they’re closed?

Yes! Those closed hot leads will have regularly colored titles on the lead board and list so that the open hot leads are the most eye-catching thing on your list. You can click on any lead to see if it’s been marked Hot and you will still be able to filter and report on those closed hot leads.


Can I automate my process for marking hot leads?

Yes! Those of you who are using our open API to add and edit your leads can add parameters for hot leads. Here’s all the documentation that a skilled developer will need to create new hot leads and mark existing leads as hot.

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