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Easily Associate Emails with the Correct Lead in Nutshell
Easily Associate Emails with the Correct Lead in Nutshell
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If you’re working with multiple leads at the same time with the same person, it can sometimes be difficult to organize communication effectively. Thankfully, Nutshell makes it easy to designate which activities and emails belong to which leads, keeping your timelines relevant to just the right communication.

With our unique BCC email address and Related Leads features, you’ll be able to assign a unique BCC email address to a specific lead and you’ll be able to select which leads an email in your timeline should be associated with.

Here’s how you can use it:

A unique BCC email address for every lead

Which allows you to assign a unique BCC email address to a lead, if you’re not familiar with our BCC email feature, check out this helpful article to learn more.

On the lead page, you can associate a lead to a unique BCC address by clicking “Copy BCC address” in the three-dot menu which you can paste into the BCC field in your email composer. This will automatically ensure that the lead will be tracked and associated in the correct timeline.

Select which related lead to associate the email with from the timeline

  • Click the related leads icon in the toolbar

  • A popover will be displayed with a list of related leads

  • Check the box next to the lead/s that the email belongs to

  • That’s it! The email will now be associated with your selected lead/s

Similarly, you can deselect a lead that should not be associated with the email. Once you uncheck a lead, it will automatically disappear from the timeline.

If you’d only like to view which leads are related to an email on your timeline, you can simply hover on the related leads avatar in the top right corner of the email.

Select related leads from within Nutshell’s email composer

When emailing from Nutshell, a related leads section will appear whenever Nutshell finds any leads related to the email address (or addresses) you're sending to. Nutshell will pre-fill the field with the leads it thinks you want to relate to, but never fear, you'll have full control if you want to add or remove other related leads before sending your email.

Note: If Nutshell does not find any related leads associated with the email the related leads field in the email composer will not be displayed.


How does Nutshell determine how a lead is “related” to an email?

Nutshell looks at every email recipient and then finds any open leads that those people and companies are on.

Will this feature work for emails that were already on my timeline?

Yes, you can retroactively select the related leads that your emails should be associated with.

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