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How do I schedule and log activities?
How do I schedule and log activities?
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Add activities to your calendar, check your daily schedule on your dashboard, and log your work to track your touch points with leads.

Schedule activities with your companies, people, and leads to never miss a beat and stay on top of your relationships. Log your completed activities to maintain a history of those relationships and to report on you and your team's efforts. There are a few different ways to schedule and log activities in Nutshell.

Scheduling an activity

Plan ahead! Schedule your activities in advance to better stay on top of your day, week, month or even year. Now you'll never forget to make that call, or send that thank you card!

Methods for scheduling activities include:

Schedule an activity with the + button

Click the + button at the top-left of each page in Nutshell and click activity. Add the activity time and date, choose all the participants, enter a location, and decide whether you want to flag the activity as "Important."


Click the activity again if you need to edit it. Here you can flag the activity as important which will give you the option to filter your dashboard to see only those activities, and if you're using the 2-way Google calendar sync, you can choose to sync only activities flagged as important.


Schedule an activity on a company, person, or lead page


You can schedule an activity by clicking the Schedule an activity button. Once you've added all the activity details, click Save or Save & close.

Schedule an activity with Google calendar

Learn more about how to schedule an activity in Nutshell from your Google calendar by clicking here.

Logging an activity

You did it! Log an activity anytime you've completed a scheduled activity or even completed an impromptu activity. Nutshell Pro users can even report on logged activities to keep track of their efforts.

Methods for logging activities include:

Log a scheduled activity from the dashboard


Every scheduled activity can be logged easily by clicking the activity in the dashboard and then clicking the Log this activity button inside the popup window. Activities won't be logged automatically when they pass; we recommend logging all of your activities so they don't stay on your dashboard as overdue. You can always reschedule or delete an activity if needed.

To add more participants, click +Add participant in the center of the activity.

Log an activity from an individual company, person, or lead page


If you would like to log an activity that you hadn't previously scheduled (such as a call), click Log an activity on an individual company, people, or lead page above the timeline. Enter any applicable notes, and select the activity type and duration, then click Save. You can even click the more button to see the activity window and add participants or a location. This is helpful for logging activities that aren't scheduled, such as an incoming call from a client or an impromptu meeting.

When a call is logged on the lead page, or when a call is scheduled and logged from the lead page, it will count towards the last contacted date for that lead.

Log a scheduled activity using the Nutshell calendar

To log an already scheduled activity using the calendar, simply click the calendar icon in the bottom left corner of Nutshell from any page. Select the date the activity was scheduled, and click the activity in the list. Now click Log this activity.

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