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How to use the Nutshell timeline
How to use the Nutshell timeline
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The Nutshell timeline makes searching for details easier than ever. You’ll find a log of all your communication between your team and your contacts with filtering options like date ranges, activity types, lead updates, and the ability to view or hide emails on company, people, and lead pages. Our icons make a quick glance at your timeline efficient and pleasant. Adding reactions to comments and individual timeline entries is the most fun we’ve had this quarter, so let your emojis run wild! 🎉👍🎉

Discover your timelines here:

Dashboard timeline

This timeline is your company feed. It shows an ongoing, up-to-date list of all events that occur in Nutshell by each user. Your timeline can be filtered by event type, activity type, or event creator, and includes lead updates. These filters are useful if you only want to see a chronological list of certain activities logged by one of your team members. The ability to drill into specific events means less time searching, and more time doing anything other than searching!


The dashboard timeline can help you stay on top of what’s happening in your organization, and you can use it to collaborate with your team or encourage your colleagues. You know you want to unleash the emojis! 😀

Company, person, and lead timelines

Every company, person, and lead page has its own timeline. It shows all communication with your contacts in chronological order. You can log activities, write notes and send emails on any individual company, person, or lead page just above the timeline by using the tabs provided. Filter your timeline entries by activities, notes, tickets, or emails and apply a date range for easy access to information.

Log an activity from an individual company, person, or lead page

If you would like to log an activity that you hadn’t previously scheduled (such as a call or an impromptu meeting), click Log an activity, enter any applicable notes, select the activity type and duration, then click Log activity.


You can click More options to open the activity window to add participants or a location. You can learn more about logging and scheduling activities here.

Write a note from an individual company, person, or lead page

If you want to collaborate with a team member or simply leave an FYI, you can write a note on any company, person, or lead page. Click Write a note, type it up, then click Save note. If you’d like to call a teammate's attention to your note, you can mention them specifically by typing ‘@’ (the “at” symbol) and start typing their name. Then, either click to select or hit return on your keyboard, continue typing and don’t forget to click Save note when finished. Teammates in Nutshell that are subscribed to receive notifications will receive a notification when mentioned in a note or comment.


You can learn more about how to receive notifications in your account here.

Are you leaving an important note that everyone on your team needs to see when visiting that page? Pin it to the top of the timeline with our Pinned Notes feature. With pinned notes, you can select any note to pin to the top of the timeline by clicking on the pinned icon in the toolbar.

Once pinned, the note will appear at the top of the timeline along with the name of the person who pinned it and will stay there until it’s unpinned. This means that whenever someone opens the respective Companies, People and/or Lead page, they will see the pinned note right away, without having to scroll down the timeline.

Learn more about Pinned Notes here.

Send an email from an individual company, person, or lead page

To write an email, use the Send an email button at the top of any company, person, or lead timeline.


When you click to the To field, a drop-down menu will show you the available email addresses associated with that company, person or lead. Your messages will automatically be added to the appropriate timelines. You can use a template you’ve already created in Nutshell or create an email from scratch.


You can learn more about emailing in Nutshell here.

Timeline filters

On any company, person, or lead page use the All entries dropdown to filter by activities, notes, emails, tickets, or lead updates. When filtering for activities use the All activity types dropdown to choose which type of activity. Use the All users & teams dropdown to search for an entry made by a specific team member.


To find communication from a certain timeframe, click on the dropdown All time, enter a date range and click Apply to search for any event in that range.


To react or comment on a timeline entry, simply place your cursor on the event and get that emoji working for you 😀 or click on the speech bubble to leave a comment. To expand the entry, click on the double outward arrows or click on the event itself. This leads to a personal favorite, (drum roll please) the ability to see what email address your emails were sent to and from. To expand an email, click on arrow down and to collapse the email, click on the arrow up. The three dots you see on entries will give you more options, such as editing, deleting, or replying to an email.


Click on the settings icon to hide or see marketing and/or personal emails. Please note your choice will remain consistent on all company, people, and lead pages.


Now that you’re a timeline expert, if you do have any questions or need assistance with anything in Nutshell, please contact our friendly support team at and send them an emoji or two 👍😀👍

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