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Microsoft Outlook Add-In
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With your Office 365 account, view your Nutshell leads, companies, and people, and bring the power of your CRM right into Outlook.

Have you ever wanted to see all of your sales-related information from Nutshell while working in your Office 365 Outlook inbox? Want to check on your notes from your last phone call before replying to their email, without leaving the page?

Installing the Nutshell add-in for Outlook will provide plenty of useful information about your Companies, People, and Leads from directly within your inbox. There's no need to switch between windows just to see your upcoming tasks, the last activity on a timeline, or the value of your open leads.

How to install using Microsoft's Online AppSource marketplace

  1. Click the Get it now button to install Nutshell to your Office 365 account

How to install using Outlook

  1. In Outlook, click the Get Add-ins button

  2. Search for Nutshell

  3. Click to turn the add-on On


What it does

Once installed, the Nutshell add-in provides you with plenty of details to communicate with your customers and prospects easily from your Outlook inbox.

The main panel will show you all Companies and People included on the email.

Click on anyone listed to get more information. You can view information such as your Nutshell description, upcoming tasks and activities, open leads, and logged information from the Nutshell timeline.

Click on More > to see additional information, and click the Company, Person, or Lead's name to open their Nutshell page in a new tab.

How to use the add-in on the web version of Outlook

If you're using the Outlook add-in on a web browser, you can access that by following these steps:

  1. Open an email

  2. Click the three dots on the top right

  3. Choose "Nutshell" from the list of add-ins to see the details about your contacts



Why is my add-in blank when I click on certain emails?

Your Outlook add-in may appear blank if Nutshell recognizes the email address of other users on your account.

What if I don't see the Store in Outlook?

Currently, Microsoft's Outlook only supports the use of add-ins for email accounts configured with IMAP, and must be an account hosted in Office 365, or Exchange 2013 or later.

I'm using Outlook on a Mac and don't see Nutshell as an available add-in. Where is it?

If you're using the Outlook for Mac application, you'll find Nutshell CRM under "Admin-managed" add-ins.

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