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How do I choose my default email client?
How do I choose my default email client?
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Choose how to send emails when you click on any email address in Nutshell.

If you've set up Nutshell to send email from your default email application, as shown in the screenshot below, this article will help you select your preferred email application.


If you have selected the option to send an email from your default email application on your email sending settings page, your computer automatically opens an email client when you click on an email address in Nutshell. You can customize which email application opens the email.

Google Chrome


Navigate to Gmail.

  1. Click the double diamonds icon in the address bar on the far right, near the bookmark icon.

  2. When prompted by "Allow", Select Allow.

For more information about Google Chrome and allowing sites to open special types of links, visit Google Chrome Support.

Mozilla Firefox

Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

  1. Open Firefox Preferences

  2. Click on “Applications” tab

  3. Locate “mailto” under the ‘Content Type’ tab and change the action to your preferred email client.


Internet Explorer


For Gmail, download the Google Toolbar.

  1. Click wrench icon in the near the top right of IE.

  2. In the "Web-browsing tools" section, select "Use Gmail for 'Mail To' links"

  3. Click Save

For Outlook, Windows will automatically use your default email program. Internet Explorer > Gear Icon > Internet Options > Programs > Set Programs > Set program access and computer defaults



Download the Mailto:, a Safari extension from Famlam.

  1. Open Safari > click Safari in the Menu Bar

  2. Click Safari Extensions > In the Search Extensions search field, search for "Mailto"

  3. Select the "Mailto:" > Click Install Now

  4. Choose the email client you prefer, and it will automatically save.

  5. Restart your browser for the changes to take effect

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