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How to automate your email marketing with drip sequences
How to automate your email marketing with drip sequences
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Automate a series of messages to a target audience based on start triggers, and measure your drip's effectiveness against a goal.

Use drip sequences to nurture your leads, onboard new customers, or more deeply engage your audience with relevant content.

A drip sequence is a series of messages that all relate to the same topic. Configure your sequence to send on a cadence by setting delays between each message.

Drip sequences are automated by three key components:

  • Start triggers will begin sending your drip sequence when a certain thing happens

  • Goals give you the option to stop sending your sequence when a goal is met

  • Next steps enable you to automate a change in Nutshell after a goal is met

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Creating a new drip sequence

Visit Marketing > Drip sequences to get started. Click the button to create a new drip sequences, give it a title so you know what it's for, and click Create.

You can begin by clicking Add a start trigger, Add a message, or Add a goal.

Adding a trigger

Add a trigger to define the beginning of your drip sequence - which action should start the emails? Your drip sequences will continue until the sequence is over, but for all actions you can choose to end the drip if the lead (or lead related to the person) is closed.

Possible triggers include:

  • Tag is added to a person: you will be able to select a tag that will begin the drip

  • Lead is created: you will be able to select which of your pipelines you want a drip to begin in for new leads

  • Lead stage is entered: choose which pipeline and stage you want leads to be in when they start receiving your drip

  • Lead is closed: choose which pipeline and whether you want leads to begin receiving your drip when they are won, lost, or cancelled

  • Person is added to an audience: Choose which audience you'd like new members to receive the drip when they join


If you don't want your drip sequence to be sent to someone right after the trigger is activated, enter a delay defining when you want the first message to send.

Adding a message

You can begin from a blank message, from any of your recently created outreach messages, or from a template provided by Nutshell. Name the message and click Create.


Customize your message in the editor, and remember to check out the Details tab to update your subject line and preview text.


When you are ready to create the next email in your drip sequence, click Add a message on the left side.


Continue to add, write, and customize messages until you are satisfied with your drip.

Customize the timeframe between messages

On your drip sequence preview along the left side, you can click between each message to choose how long Nutshell should wait to send the next message.


When you are done editing your messages, click your drip sequence campaign name at the top of the page to get back to the drip creation page.


Adding a goal

Adding a goal to your drip sequence, while optional, will allow you to measure your drip's effectiveness. When you click to add a goal, you'll see these options:

  • Lead is won: Choose the pipeline that you hope to win these leads in

  • Tag is added to a person: You will be able to select any of your people tags

  • Lead is created: Choose a pipeline that you'd like leads to see leads enter after receiving your drip


You will have the option to cancel any remaining messages in your sequence if the goal has been met. Use this option if your content includes a CTA that might make additional contact irrelevant for your recipients, such as registering for a webinar, or filling out a form or survey.

Prepare to activate your drip sequence

Use the drip sequence details section to finalize your drip settings before beginning to send this outreach.

Select the From email address from your list of verified sending addresses, decide if you'd like to send the drip during the business hours that were customized in general settings, and decide if you would like to include UTM parameters on your links.


When you're ready, click Activate sequence in the upper right of your screen!

Pausing your drip sequence

Need to take a break from sending one of your drip sequences? You can easily pause any activated drip sequence by clicking Pause sequence.

Current recipients of a paused drip sequence will remain in your queue and you can resume sending to them whenever you're ready.


What changes can I make after I activate my drip sequence?

You can edit the content of the messages, timing delay, start trigger, and goal.

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